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Minecraft Card Game plays off of the crafting mechanic in the popular Minecraft game. While Rachel and I have dabbled in playing Minecraft, it’s not something either of us play regularly, although I personally would love to try my hand at it more.

I found this card game by accident on Amazon and decided to get it for Kris for her birthday. The game, surprisingly, wasn’t too bad.


There are two different types of cards, the Resource cards and the Crafting cards. The object of the game is to craft the most tools — each of which have a point value — using the various resource cards. According to the rule book, whichever player reaches a certain number of points first wins. For a two player game, the point goal was 24 points, but Rachel and I decided to keep going until all the Craft cards were complete.

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Each crafting card also has some sort of power. Each player can only use two actions per turn and some cards can allow you to add an extra action to your turn or take away an action from your opponent’s turn. These actions you can do on your turn is either pick up materials or craft something. However, if you need to pick up two materials for a craft, picking up those two materials is your two actions. It allows your opponent to have an opportunity to craft it themselves if they already have the materials – or they can steal materials you need.

Aside from mining resources and crafting tools, reserving a craft card is a third action. Reserving a craft card ensures that your opponent won’t be able to craft it and snag the points or the power that the tool grants you. Reserving wasn’t an action that we used often — in all honesty, I believe I did it once — as Rachel and I did our best to just beat each other to the resources and craft the best tools. Resource cards were wood, stone, iron, gold, and diamond, with each card indicating the number of “blocks” of the resource you had. In order to craft a tool, you needed the appropriate amount of resources. Once the resources are used, you put the resource cards into the discard pile, waiting to be used again if one of the five stacks of resource cards ever ran out in the game.

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Honestly, the game wasn’t too bad. I think we had a good time with it. However, if we were to play again, I definitely want to try to put the materials in one pile face-down and not show our materials to each other. I think that would make the game more random and we’d be constantly wondering what our opponent has forcing us to use what we have whenever we can. I think it would make the game more intense, but it’s still fun with the way it’s supposed to be played.

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