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While we knew the Story Mode Minecraft games existed, it was fairly recent that we heard about the interactive series of episodes that were available on Netflix. We had no idea what we were going to be in for when we started this up for the hell of it.

It was certainly something different and neither of us were expecting it to be “good.” It truly was interactive though… which it says it is, but for some reason I wasn’t expecting to use the Xbox controller to make choices for the main character. That was certainly a cool addition.

You start with the main character entering a building contest with a couple of her friends and, for a while, the only motivation these characters have is to “be cool.” It was a bit cringy, to be honest. The actual plot revealed itself eventually, with a character who had a grudge against some heroes of the world unleashed a Wither monster. It’s up to the main character and friends to find the rest of the heroes to stop the Wither. While there were enough choices throughout the episode to keep the story interactive, there were only a few where the episode actively told you, “Your story is changing,” due to your choice.

The plot itself isn’t that bad once it’s revealed and it shows some history on the world as well. But yeah, some of the choices were kind of pointless and if you don’t make a choice by the time the timer runs, it makes the choice for you based on whatever your controller is currently on. While I don’t think I’ll watch this again, I’m curious to see what happens if we made different choices that actually changed the course of the story. Some of the choices was also crafting as well, which was a cool touch.

The crafting choices — like, would you craft a bow or a fishing rod for your current situation — were interesting, yes. Some of the characters weren’t too bad, although we were kind of yelling at some of them often enough. Honestly, some of the situations could have been avoided if a character just, ya know, moved from where they were standing. One of the side characters was called Axel, and he was basically the muscle of the group and was fantastic at being Captain Obvious. He was one of our favorites, haha!

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Axel was good, yeah. While there were some good lines that made us laugh throughout this hour and half long episode, I didn’t care for any of the characters or their voice acting. The tones never seemed to match what was going on in the scene and it didn’t seem like there was much emotion or effort behind it. That definitely got annoying to listen to after a while. The sound effects, however, we great. The Ghasts in the Nether were spot on. Granted, they’re probably ripped from the game but it was nice to hear anyway since the voice acting was lacking.

Considering it was done in conjunction with the developers of the game, I imagine the sound effects were right from Minecraft. We don’t have any emotional attachment to these characters — although, I’m sure younger kids would — but we were interested enough in the plot to be curious about what happens next or, as Rachel mentioned, what would happen should we chose different responses to the crucial choices of the first episode. We’re not rushing off to watch the next episode, but if we get bored enough later down the road, maybe we’ll stick on another one.

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I would like to at least finish the rest of the season. It was interesting, to say the least. And, honestly, I think we had a pretty good time watching it together. Though, I have to take it in small doses.

Have you watched Minecraft: Story Mode? Think you’d be interested in it? Let us know in the comments below!

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