Monday Memories: Game Boy Advance

Double Jump Kris MiiHappy Monday, everyone!
The Nintendo Switch and the 2DS XL are our current go-to consoles when it comes to playing games lately. Recently, however, I found my old Game Boy Advance during a cleaning spree, and I remember how much I used the old handheld…
The Game Boy Advance was released in 2001 and I loved using mine over my Game Boy Color. The landscape screen for the games made it seem like the screen was so much bigger and I remember having the little worm light adapter hovering over the screen to make it brighter. The backward compatibility for Game Boy Color games was an added bonus.
I went through so many pairs of AA batteries when playing my Game Boy Advance, wearing it down while playing favorites like the Pokemon series, particularly Emerald, Sonic the Hedgehog games, Harvest Moon, and Fire Emblem. It was with the Game Boy Advance that I started my love affair with the Harvest Moon and Fire Emblem franchises.
Besides being home to some of my favorite old games, the Game Boy Advance was used quite often when Rachel and I were playing The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures for the GameCube. With the link cable to hook up the Advance to the console, Rachel and I had some awesome adventures playing a co-op Legend of Zelda. More often than not, I was diving forward to meet the enemies while Rachel was trailing along, picking up all the treasure I would leave behind. It was a good system.
The wireless adapter that came with Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen was also a treat, granting us a Union Room that allowed easy trading and battling. Granted, Rachel and I tended to be the only ones in said Union Room, but it was definitely easier than the link cables we had for the Game Boy Colors when it came to trading and showing off our teams to one another.
I found my old Game Boy Advance buried in one of my old desk drawers, with the cover to the batteries being gone and the batteries themselves all corroded. For the heck of it, I cleaned out the dead batteries and tried putting fresh ones in, but to no avail. The poor console was officially dead. Still, it was nice finding it, especially since I thought it got caught in the basement flood years ago (pretty sure that’s what happened to my Game Boy Color!).

Did you have a Game Boy Advance? What was your favorite older handheld console?

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  1. I had an original model GBA, and GBA Sp models 1 and 2.
    I miss reflective TFT screens. The sun shines bright here, so backlit / LED screens seem like such a waste, trying to out-shine the sun to make your screen visible. Reflective TFT worked with the sunlight to show you a brilliant image without using extra battery power.

  2. I had the GBA Advance, the same model as in the picture! I really enjoyed it, it travelled really well. I enjoyed playing Mario Kart Super Circuit and Fire Pro Wrestling mainly.
    Sadly, the GBA got broke – the screen got cracked in my coat pocket one day. Still,good memories…

  3. I had a Game Boy Advance and I believe mine looked exactly like that picture. I remember it being that clear color. I had it when I was really young so I do not remember that much about it. But, I do remember taking it everywhere with me.
    I remember playing a lot of The PowerPuff Girls: Him and Seek. I loved that game because I loved The Powerpuff Girls show as a kid! I also played Pokemon: Fire Red as well because I always loved the Pokemon games!

  4. I always saw the DS as Nintendo’s best handheld, but the more I think about it the more I think the GBA is the one that deserves that title. It had a spectacular library, including a bunch of excellent Mario, Metroid, and Zelda titles (an area where I think the DS is a bit lackluster).

  5. The Gameboy Advance was one of the first systems I bought at launch. Got that blue one in the picture along with Tony Hawk 2. Didn’t really play much of the console’s library, but I became obsessive about the games on the GBA that really connected with me. I am a massive Fire Emblem fan and I’ve owned and beaten every entry in the series multiple times. I dearly miss Advance Wars. And Wario Ware made its debut on the GBA and it’s still one of the quirkiest and coolest games out there.
    I traded the blue GBA for an SP. Then traded that SP for the special edition SP that is styled like the NES.
    Still have it and I’m pretty sure it still works.

  6. The GameBoy Advance was the very first handheld that was mine and what made it even more special to me was it was the first hardware I bought with my own money my senior year in high school.

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