Monster Manor

Rachel Mii Double JumpAnother week is just about over!
I was excited when I found out about the Mii Plaza update. I haven’t played the Mii games in a while. But, because of the update, I started playing them and got slightly addicted to Monster Manor.
The point of this game is collect room pieces from the various Miis that you meet through Streetpass. You fit the pieces together to create hallways and, if you fit pieces of the same color together, you’ll create rooms.
The halls may be empty, but may have a ghost which you need to fight. The rooms can also have ghosts or chests. The chests are where you get various items such as weapons, boosters, or healing items.
The more pieces you put down, you’ll eventually find stairs. Then you can make your way up to the next floor.
I haven’t played the game in a while so when I picked it back up again I was only on floor 10 out of… 30, I think?
What I didn’t know is that there are bosses. I assume the bosses appear every ten floors.
So, I encountered my first boss. It took me seven tries to beat him. The first boss!
I kept hiring investigators with my play coins to keep trying. Once you lose all of your HP, even if you have other Streetpass Miis behind you, you lose. You have to stop the game. It’s kind of a waste.
I had a good amount of Miis to back me up, but I died and had to keep using my play coins to try to get the boss. Seven times. I couldn’t believe it. I was so frustrated.
But I got it! I beat it! Now I just have to do that again for another 20 floors…
Do you play the Streetpass games? Which one is your favorite? 

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  1. Great job getting through the boss! I enjoyed that game, though I think it’s the hardest of the original four DLC games, simply because of the item management. You might not be able to beat a boss without grinding for better weapons or items. My favorites are the two games from the second DLC, which were the fishing and zombie games. Fishing is both fun and relaxing and uses the StreetPass Miis well. The zombie game is very interesting too. The gameplay is actually pretty fun, and I think having your hobbies/interests turn into weapons is ingenious! I like StreetPass games in general, but I’m a bit biased in actually being able to get StreetPasses.

    1. Aside from the puzzles (which isn’t really a “game”) I think Monster Manor is my favorite. Though I agree that it’s probably the hardest.
      I like the zombie and fishing as well, but I haven’t played them in a while. It’s hard to get Streetpass because I don’t go anyway too often and actually bring my 3DS with me. When I do, I sometimes only get a handful of people and some games are definitely better if you have a ton of people.

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