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Double Jump Kris MiiHere we are, the last week of September. It’s certainly gone by fast, hasn’t it?
Ever had a quarter-life (or, for those of you who may be a smidgen older) or mid-life crisis? Ever get that nagging feeling that maybe you’re not doing what you need to do in order to get your life on the right track? Both Rachel and I have gone (and, at times, still are going) through that.  
As a kid, video games were just a hobby, a fun thing to spend our time on. I remember quite clearly spending my mornings before elementary school in the basement with Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars on the television, going back and forth between eating breakfast and jumping on Goombas and Koopas.
Back then, I never thought that my passion for video games would grow so much.
Video games were what got me started with drawing, sketches of Sheik and my favorite Pokemon teams dominating my old sketchbooks. Video game fanfiction gave me the never-ending itch to write. Video game soundtracks helped me appreciate the intricacies of different types and genres of music, like symphonies and a cappella.
I started playing games when I was probably about four or five. Twenty years later, I’m blogging with my sister about what I love about these games, about how they can be improved, about virtual reality and 3D graphics and character development and story lines…
It’s a bit odd to think about, in all honesty. Growing up, video games were just a hobby. I figured my future job would have something to do with computers. Animals and criminal justice were up there on the list as well, but something with computers always dominated my mind, and really only because I wasn’t too thrilled at the idea of desk job with other people around (go figure). There was barely an inkling of a thought to connect my love of computers with video gaming.
It was just a hobby, after all.
Now, it’s not just a hobby, they’re not just games. Writing, drawing, programming… all of my interests had pointed to the video game industry.
Well, better late than never in figuring it out, right?

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  1. Reblogged this on RACCOON DADDY : Father, Husband, FAMILY, and Gaming and commented:
    I share that same passion!! My inspiration through my appreciation of music, writing and art also stems from my love of video games. It’s very inspiring when read about the folks that are the real deal gamers in our generation. “Never stop writing”, it’s what I say to myself and share to everyone else!

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Video games has always been more than a hobby for me. It’s been a big part of my life, giving me friends, goals, skills, and work. It even played a huge role as the theme of my wedding! I think when I was younger, I always knew that I’d stick with video games, but I never knew to what extent it would lead me in life. I’m sure this is like this for other hobbies too, but I’m especially thankful for how unique, social, and forward-facing the hobby of video games is!

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