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Double Jump Kris MiiHappy Monday, everyone!
Being a gamer is an expensive hobby. It doesn’t help that, sometimes, awesome games are available in multiple platforms, either as updated versions or just ported to a system that may be better suited for it.
Do you have any games on multiple platforms?
We have Stardew Valley, Death Road to Canada, and Undertale on the PC through Steam, but all three of those games are available for the Nintendo Switch as well. Fortnite is available on all consoles of the current generation (and all of them can now play together, finally). PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is also another game that crosses platforms.
Then there are ports of games — such as the Legend of Zelda: Windwaker and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe — that get updated for the next generation console.
Assuming you enjoyed the original game, are you the type to buy games for multiple platforms, if you have them? Or the updated ports when they are released?
We have gotten Death Road to Canada for the Nintendo Switch when it came out, mostly to make it easier to play with friends. However, we’ve been toying with getting Undertale and Stardew Valley for the Switch as well, especially since the Switch makes it a little easier to take those kind of games on the go. To be honest, if Undertale came to the Switch before PC, we probably would have just gotten it for the Switch. Stardew Valley is in the same boat, but the PC version does have the co-op mode…
With that said, there are so many other games that we wish to play and buy that are already stretching our wallets thin. I suppose if a game we own is ported to another platform, we’d prefer if it was substantially updated to make it worth buying again.

Any games that you’ve bought multiple times for different platforms?

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  1. We always end up buying games on multiple platforms. We have Stardew Valley on EVERYTHING. Haha

    • Stardew Valley is such a great game! Have you guys played the co-op version on Steam? Or is one copy on Steam enough for you two, haha?

      • Hahaha! I’ve played it briefly with my brother. It was too hard for me to play at the time because my kids were smaller. My husband wants to play it now so we may try again. 🙂

        • I’m hoping that Rachel and I will get a chance to play it at some point, haha. Let me know how it goes if/when your husband and you get to play it!

          • We’re waiting for it to be co-op on the Xbox One. It SAYS it should be available soon, but…

          • Ahhhh… Got’cha. I haven’t heard that yet. I’m wondering when it’ll be co-op on the Switch, especially with the online service it has now. I think it’d work well, not that we have the online service yet… We keep meaning to fix that, haha.

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