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Hey, we finally got an NES Classic! I’ll admit, it wasn’t really on my radar after there wasn’t enough stock to go around the first time they were released, mostly because they were games I didn’t remember too well. Yet, when we got the chance, we were lucky enough to get one during the second release this past June.

I’ll be honest – I pretty much wanted one because I want to collect all the consoles and it compliments our tiny SNES so well. I’m excited to get to play older games that I never played as a kid because… well, I wasn’t born when some of them came out.

It is a nice little console and my first reaction to seeing it was chuckling like an idiot because “it’s so tiny!” That turned to a perplexed, “Wait… There’s only one controller?” and “Why would it NOT include an AC adapter?” Thankfully, because we have the SNES Classic, we’re able to share that AC adapter with the NES Classic as well as the SNES controllers in case we want to play a two-player game. Were there other models of this system that include two controllers and/or an AC adapter? I’m not sure if we’re just dorks and didn’t notice the box excluding those when we ordered or if they’re all like that.

Well, I’m glad the SNES controllers work with it. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to play together. Again, maybe we were just clueless and not paying attention, but I just assumed there would be two controllers since there are two-player games. At least we had no trouble fitting the controllers in like we did with the SNES though!

That’s true… but we will have a little trouble with sitting back from the television with the NES controller. We heard the cords were short, but we weren’t quite prepared for them being half of the length of the SNES controllers. Maybe that’s part of the nostalgia. The short cords make it so we have to sit as close to the television as we did when we were kids so our parents will come in and tell us, “Don’t sit so close to the screen, you’ll ruin your eyes!”

Rachel Mii Double Jump
We have a fairly big TV too so I don’t think we’ll be able to sit too close to it for very long. I enjoyed holding that controller in my hand though. Even though it’s an old one, I never really played with it when I was a kid. So it was like we just got a brand new console. Which, in a way, we did… but I guess I’m trying to say I don’t feel nostalgia over the console itself. So it was cool to use that controller.

It was fun to hold that controller again. Like Rachel, even I wasn’t around when the original NES came to town — I was only one when the original SNES came out — but I remember a few of the NES games from our older sister and our uncles. I’ve played some of the Mario games, usually on the SNES All-Stars cartridge, but that’s pretty much it for the NES Classic library. Despite the shortcomings of the NES Classic and its controller (pun intended), I am looking forward to trying out some of the games, especially the original Legend of Zelda titles.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
It’s definitely a great little console and I’m looking forward to delving into some games from before my time. Plus, revisiting the old Mario games as well as playing the first two Zelda games for the first time.

Have you gotten the NES Classic? What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. It’s a great little system! Coincidentally, I have been playing through Zelda II lately on it and the short chords have been greatly annoying me. I have to go through a whole process of arranging the TV and couch in order to play it decently, and even after that it is not entirely comfortable. I am not sure what Nintendo was thinking.

  2. I like having that slice of gaming history in a tiny package. Some of the most important and best games of all-time are in that package. It stinks that the controller cable is so short, and that it only comes with 1 controller and buying a second seems impossible with how quickly they sell out.
    Don’t see a lot of people talking about this, but I think that Nintendo sacrificed making the best NES lineup possible and instead went with a lineup that represented the NES across its entire lifespan. Beyond the sake of the history lesson, I think you could replace 1/3 of the old games that are only there for historical purposes – I’m looking at you, Mario Bros., Ice Climber, Balloon Fight, and that tier of game – and replace them with better games that came out later or have aged better. Also, why is Super C on here and the original Contra isn’t?! At least they got the Mega Man selection right.
    Still a great pickup for the other 2/3 of amazing games they did pick and the convenience of being able to play them on a modern TV.

    • Yeah Balloon Fight shouldn’t be on there.

    • Having that slice of history, as you wonderfully put it, is probably the main reason why I was interested in getting the mini NES. I only vaguely remember some of the games from our older sister and our uncle since I was born at the time the SNES was released. I’m glad to be able to get a chance to at least try out the original Legend of Zelda games, though!

  3. It’s stupid how it only came with one controller and it’s short. If you check out you can see some wireless options. You can also buy some extension cords to off Amazon. But at least they brought it back and it’s looking like they are going to have quite a bit. It’s going to hurt the scalpers that’s for sure.

    • It was ridiculous, we were totally like, “Wtf?” When we’re able, we’ll probably check out the wireless options (thank you!) or at least some extension cords and a second controller. We are glad it was brought back to give us a chance to snag it, too, though.

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