New Level Designs Are Coming For The Legend Of Zelda [Gaming News]

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So I was scrolling through My Nintendo News yesterday and I came across something interesting. Something I’d totally apply for if I had the skills or knew the JApanese language…
New Level Designs Coming To Zelda Games | Video Games | The Legend of Zelda | Nintendo |
Apparently, Nintendo has put out an add for a new level designer for the next Legend of Zelda game.
I know different people work on the different games, but this surprised me. I don’t know why because each Zelda game is different and people can only come up with so many new ideas.
Most Zelda games have dungeons. Link runs around, goes through all the dungeons, defeats all the bosses, and so one and so forth. Breath of the Wild was so vastly different (pun intended) than the rest of the franchise. It really makes me wonder how different – or similar – the next Zelda game will be from Breath of the Wild and the many games before it.
The article says this new level designer will create new events, dungeons, and fields. This makes me believe the new game may have a mind of its own, similar to Breath of the Wild. I wonder if there will be new dungeons with their own bosses or many trials scattered about with bosses – big and small – around the world.
Or maybe there will be both? I honestly wouldn’t mind having a mixture of the two. I loved the trials but I did miss the dungeons.
Only time will tell, I guess. I’m looking forward to the new game… whenever that may be.

Have you seen the article? What do you think the new Zelda game will be like? Let me know in the comments below! 

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  1. I don’t know what’s in store for the next Zelda game, but that sounds like exciting news! I hope the new levels will be fun 🙂

  2. A little bit off topic and I apologize, but I wonder if Nintendo is going to address further timeline issues with the upcoming Zelda games. My guess is they will. Nintendo tends to listen to their fans and so many fans worldwide are extremely vocal about a coherent timeline. While I personally don’t think it matters too much about which of the three timelines BOTW fits into, I know a lot of other fans would disagree with me. Frankly, I like the idea of people using their imagination to decide where it fits or if it fits, but again I know I am in the minority in that regard.
    Back to the topic at hand. I love Breath of the Wild. It’s my third favorite Zelda game after Majora’s Mask and Ocarina of Time, and although as amazing as it is, I do miss the traditional dungeons. If was to make a Zelda game, I would, as you mentioned before, make a game with the best of both worlds. Let’s take the open world aspect. I would most certainly keep that. But maybe instead of 23 square miles, I would have it more like 16 square miles, and then give space to put in maybe four traditional dungeons, but make them extremely complex and large.

    • I’m interested to see what BOTW fits in the timeline. I like speculating and don’t mind speculating, but since they have an official timeline, I feel like BOTW has to fit in somewhere and I’m curious to see where Nintendo fits it in.
      I would love to have the old dungeons back again. I certainly loved the shrines, but having a mixture of the open world and the old school temples would be great.

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