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Double Jump Kris MiiHappy Monday, everyone!
With last week’s Nintendo Direct, a few new Switch editions were revealed. Both of them look great, but we’re not sure if we’d splurge even if we did have the money on them.
There have been two new Switch editions that have been revealed, both having to do with a couple of the most anticipated Nintendo Switch games that are slated for released this year — the Pokemon Let’s Go duo and, of course, Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. Both of the Switch editions look great to Rachel and me, as we’re suckers for both franchises. With how popular the Nintendo Switch console itself has been and the two video game series, I wonder how many of the new editions Nintendo will sell.
On one hand, many people probably already have a Switch and they’re not too cheap (although, the Nintendo Switch may be one of the cheapest consoles on the market at the moment), especially with all the accessories. On the other hand, people are hyped for Let’s Go and Smash Bros Ultimate and, if people don’t have a Switch just yet, this may be the perfect time to get one.
Seeing the new editions also brought up a question that Rachel and I have been asking ourselves for a while — should we each have our own Switch? Nintendo, I’m sure, would prefer for everyone to have their own console for business reasons as well as to take advantage of the portability and playing games together on the go. Right now Rachel and I are good with sharing a Switch, considering we play together the majority of the time, but we’re both also conscious of the fact that we’d probably want to play our own Let’s Go games at the same time (yes, we’ll be able to play co-op, but we like our own adventures, too).
I suppose we’ll see.

What do you think of the new Switch editions? Are you planning on getting one?

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  1. I once traded in my regular GBA SP for the special edition that looked like an NES. It was a lot easier back then to upgrade for cosmetic purposes due to the price and the console not storing any data. With the Switch being the price of a home console and data management still appearing to be a problem with cloud saves not supporting all games, it’s not easy to just get a new one for the visual appeal.
    That said, if you want to make a fashion statement with the Switch, it’s all about the Joy-Cons. Now that there are so many, you can mix-and-match them to create more unique combinations. I only have two pairs of Joy-Cons (gray and neon red), but I mix mine up in all four possible combinations once a week just to give me the sense of having something different. Still a bit pricey, but it’s more cost-effective than buying a whole new console.

  2. I preordered the Pokemon one on a bit of an impulse buy… I’ve been thinking about getting a Switch for a while, so as soon as this was announced I just sort of jumped straight on board. Now I’m waiting for November to hurry up and get here already!

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