At the beginning of the month, I had wondered when Nintendo would announce their Direct. Ever since E3 ended, Nintendo has always acted on their own. So, when I saw the announcement the night before I wasn’t too surprised. I’m excited to see what Nintendo has in store for us, even if I couldn’t watch it live. Better late than never, though, right?
We weren’t too late to watch it, fortunately! Usually we’re scrambling to hide from spoilers until we can watch the playback. I am interested to see what Nintendo will announce with this direct. I am aware that Nintendo specifically stated that they will not share any news about the Nintendo Switch 2 during today’s direct.
Right, and since we’re not going to receive news about the Switch’s successor, it makes me wonder what sort of announcements they have in store for us. I know what I want; a GameCube and Nintendo DS and 3DS Virtual Console. However, I feel like that’ll be best for the new console. So, I have no ideas on what Nintendo will announce for this Direct.
I imagine we’ll get word of a few more remakes coming to the Nintendo Switch, and I’m also hoping for a few additions to the online retro consoles as well. I would love to see the original trio of Hoenn games for the Game Boy Advance online service, as an example! I agree that a GameCube online service would be delightful, I imagine that they’ll continue to remake some of the games from that era. The Fire Emblem duo Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn would be awesome to see again! I’m looking forward to seeing what this direct actually brings us.
Well then. That was a Direct full of the unexpected and I mean that in the best way possible. First, let’s gush about the two games we’re most excited for; The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom and the Miles Edgeworth duology.

We’ve been wanting a game starring Zelda for a long time and it’s finally here! I enjoy how they switched up the gameplay style to suit Zelda and her Triforce of Wisdom. There’s more of a puzzle element to this title. Not to mention, I love how it’s in the same art style as Link’s Awakening for the Nintendo Switch.

I am SUPER excited to finally be able to play as Zelda in a more traditional Legend of Zelda game! I have to admit, I would have preferred more focus on Zelda’s magic – both traditional and Sheikah magic from the Ocarina of Time period – when it comes to battles, but it is clever the way they are incorporating her famed Wisdom piece of the Triforce into the gameplay mechanics.
I agree, and I think that sounds like an excellent idea. However, I wonder if they’re trying to test the waters to see how much people enjoy playing as Zelda. It’s no secret we’ve all wanted to play as her, but seeing it in action is so different. I’m surprised it’s being released in late September, too! It’s only roughly three months away.
Agreed, and I hope their test with Zelda as a protagonist goes well so we get more! Imagine a co-op adventure game with Link and Zelda as playable characters! She has such a versatile moveset in the Smash Bros. games that they could bring that magic over into a new game, and she’s proven to be a badass in the other Zelda titles. Aesthetically-speaking, both the game and the new Nintendo Switch Lite edition look amazing!

Speaking of September, the other game we’re most excited about features our favorite prosecutor. We both screamed in excitement when we saw Miles Edgeworth on the screen! Since we’re in the US, we’ve only been able to play the original Investigations game, so we’re also looking forward to getting a chance to play the sequel!

The sequel will finally be a “brand new” Ace Attorney game for us. I’ve been hoping they’d bring both games to the Switch, but certainly wasn’t expecting it. We finally got Apollo Justice, Dual Destinies, and Spirit of Justice on there earlier this year. So, Miles Edgeworth was one of those “maybe within another two or three years” type of a wish. Having it all within a few months of each other? I’m so excited!

But also, what I’m really excited for is to play these games together on the big screen. When Miles Edgeworth first released (same with Apollo Justice and the other games), it was on the Nintendo DS so we huddled together to view the tiny screen. Now we can relax and thoroughly enjoy the entire series together comfortably.

Being able to play our favorite DS/3DS games on a bigger television screen is definitely a plus! For Miles Edgeworth Investigations, we each have our own copies. I remember us both relaxing in our beds and either playing in silence, enraptured with the game, or telling each other hints across the room. I’ve always toyed with the idea of trying to find a translated ROM version of the sequel in a totally legal way but never got the chance to.

It was fun seeing the different art styles you can go back and forth between with each game, too. While I am not pleased with paying full prices for remakes in general, there are usually just enough improvements and additions to the remakes to help justify the price tags. And it’s also Nintendo, we’ll pretty much buy anything that Nintendo throws our way if they have to do with our favorite franchises.

At this point, Nintendo could do anything and still get our money somehow. I will happily put it towards remakes of Ace Attorney, though.

Something else I’m surprisingly looking forward to – and wasn’t expecting at all – is Super Mario Party Jamboree. At first, I thought it was DLC. I won’t share how long it took me to realize it’s its own game. I guess we’re not counting sequels anymore, we’re going with fancy titles instead. Anyway, it seems Super Mario Party Jamboree will have a decent selection of boards and promising mini-games. I think they’ve heard us loud and clear after Mario Party 9, 10, Star Rush, and Top 100.

I was not expecting another Mario Party game either. Granted, I do believe they probably could easily do DLC for Super Mario Party and/or Mario Party Superstars, but I’m cautiously optimistic for Jamboree. I like that we’re getting at least five original boards, each of which looks to be a good size, as well as a couple of blasts from the past. New mini games and a new mode for even more players sounds great to me! I wonder what other features we’ll see in this game that they were hinting towards?
I’m not sure. Honestly, I’m looking forward to something more old school. I’m good with the boards and mini games. The boards don’t look bland, either. I think they’ll have good gimmicks that we’ll want to replay them many times.

Speaking of Mario, I’m looking forward to giving Mario & Luigi: Brothership a go. I’ve always wanted to play the Mario & Luigi series but never did. I don’t think we even own any of those games. Brothership looks solid and also seems like it has two-player co-op? Maybe? Hopefully? Regardless, the game looks great.

I think I will be more interested in Brothership if it does confirm that there is a local co-op mode. Considering that series were generally on the handheld consoles, I believe they were always single player games. Perhaps being on the Switch – which is usually marketed as a console for the whole family to play – we’ll see the game have a co-op mode. I do have Bowser’s Inside Story, but I don’t think I played it for too long. I’ll have to see if I can dig it up again…

Another game that has been on my radar for Steam, and didn’t realize it would come to the Nintendo Switch, is Tales of the Shire. I love the Lord of the Rings world and to have a cozy game located in the Shire with hobbits sounds wonderful!

Oh, right! Tales of the Shire looks like it’ll be a delight. I’m always down for something cozy set in a favorite fictional world of mine.

In addition, I’m also looking forward to Donkey Kong Country Returns HD, the Dragon Quest HD-2D Remakes (we’ve never played the series before, so now might be a good opportunity to do so), and Phantom Brave: The Lost Hero looks intriguing.

Those are great honorable mentions! All in all, it was a solid Nintendo Direct. We had some clear favorites, but there were enough games that we probably wouldn’t mind dabbling in if we ever have extra cash for them (or maybe our library will have them).

I’m sure we’ll be adding more of what we think to our ongoing list of games to buy and try. It may take us a while to get to some of them, but the games we mentioned in this post will keep us plenty busy in the meantime!

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About Kris

About Kris

Kris is the older sister of the pair, and has been playing video games since she was able to read. She was introduced to the gaming world mainly by her uncles with the Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 consoles.

A few of her favorite games include Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Pokémon Emerald, Fire Emblem, Game Dev Tycoon, Stardew Valley, and Arcade Spirits.

About Rachel

About Rachel

Rachel is the other 50% of Double Jump, who grew up watching Kris play video games before picking up the Nintendo GameCube controller to play through games herself. (Although, she still asks Kris to defeat the hard bosses for her!)

Rachel's favorite games include Paper Mario 64, Luigi's Mansion, Pokémon Pearl, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and Stardew Valley.

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