Nintendo Direct On January 11 [Rumor]

Rachel Mii | DoubleJump.comHappy Tuesday and Happy 2018!
With a new year comes a lot of new things. I feel like most people came into the new year with hope and positivity and I hope it stays that way.
Nintendo Direct January 11, 2018 [Rumor] | Gaming News | Nintendo | Nintendo Direct |
Word on the internet is that there will be a Nintendo Direct on Thursday, January 11th. This direct may showcase some up and coming games for the year for the Switch and 3DS.
Of course, this date is just a rumor but I get the feeling it’s most likely true. It’ll be happening sometime this month at the very least.
What am I hoping for? Well, I’m still hoping for some certain games that I’ve talked about plenty of times before.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 for the Switch

Please? Anyone? Please.

Super Smash Brothers for the Switch

I’m eager to play this game on the Switch. I don’t care if it’s a deluxe version or a brand new version (though brand new would be preferable). I just want to duke it out with my favorite characters on Switch with my friends and pretty graphics.

Animal Crossing for the Switch and/or 3DS

I want another main Animal Crossing game. I want another New Left but bigger and better.


I know they’re coming out with something for the Switch. I’m hoping they shed some more light on what that will be about.

Mario Party for the Switch

A real Mario Party. A good one.
That’s all I really want. I mean, I’m sure I’m forgetting a few games, but I’ll keep it simple for now.
I don’t think those games are too much to ask for… right?

What games are you hoping they announce at the Nintendo Direct? Are they any special games you’re looking forward to in 2018? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to chat with you.

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Readers Comments (11)

  1. Yeah, I could go for a Mario Party game. Luigi’s Mansion 3 would be great though. I’m always after more single player games I can play on the go.

    • That’s true. I love the Switch, of course, but the majority of the games are multiplayer and are more fun with more people. I’d like a few games I can sit and play myself.

  2. Some kind of Mother 1-3 collection would be incredible, but I doubt that will ever exist. Mario Party or Smash seems like a great fit for Switch so here’s hoping for one/both of those!

  3. My sons got a Nintendo switch for Christmas. And Luigi’s Mansion, Pokemon and a Mario Party game for the switch sounds like something they’ll love to play. Would like to find out if there’s a Gravity Falls switch game because they’re huge fans.

    • Those games would be awesome. I hope they’re enjoying the Switch! I don’t know if there’s a Gravity Falls game for it… it’s popular, so maybe someday.

      • I hope so too. It’ll make a great present. They’re also fans of Total Drama Island, so it’d be great if they had a switch game too.

  4. I just wrote a similar article for tomorrow and with the exception of Pokemon I think we discussed totally different games – there’s so many good things that could be announced! I am definitely cool with a new Luigi’s Mansion and would play that to death, and I do think Smash Bros will eventually come to the console. For Mario Party, I would be equally okay with them just putting 1-3 on Virtual Console so we can play them on the go.

    • I’ll look forward to seeing your thoughts then! I like your idea of Mario Party better… they keep screwing up, I’d be totally happy with 1-3 on the virtual console. That’d be awesome.

  5. I’m interested in if there’s anything on Fire Emblem Switch, to see if the series stays or tries to avert the trends it’s been going into.
    See, post-Awakening FE is a victim of its own success. The series was in real danger of being shelved the way its cousin Advance Wars was, so IntSys decided they had nothing to lose and threw everything but the kitchen sink at Awakening. It was a hit that not only saved the series, but made it a flagship.
    Unfortunately, it meant Fates had to keep the “baggage” and take it to excess. So I’m cautious about what FE Switch will resemble.

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