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Due to work, we weren’t able to watch the Nintendo Direct live, but we watched it right away when we got home. After seeing some spoilers on the Internet, we kind of knew what to expect. We were excited, yet iffy about what was about to come. During the direct, they announced three big news about Pokemon. One being Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, Pokemon Gold and Silver coming to the virtual console for the Nintendo 3DS, and Pokken Tournament DX coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Although all three of the games will be released this year, I was a little underwhelmed, to say the least. We had expected some news about Pokemon Stars, or a third-tier game for Sun and Moon, for the Nintendo Switch as rumors from earlier in the year had led us to expect. Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon sound great, but I do greatly miss the third-tier games, like Yellow, Crystal, and Emerald. Sequel duos haven’t been my favorite installments in the main games. From a business standpoint, I understand that they’ll get more money from the two games rather than the one third-tier game, of course. That, and Kalos got the short end of the stick. Where’re their sequels or third-tier games?

I definitely wasn’t expecting Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Again, I was expecting Stars. Apparently, there’s a new storyline, which will be good, but I’m confused as to why they have different forms… again. What happened to Mega Evolution? They didn’t do much with that and they introduced Z-Moves, and that seems as though it will get overshadowed by the Ultra forms because, I assume, the forms will be stronger in some way. Also, since Sun and Moon just came out less than a year ago, it doesn’t seem right for them to be coming out with two more games that are pretty much the same.

Right, it’s almost exactly a year since the original Sun and Moon. While I enjoyed Sun and Moon, I feel as if those installments were a bit more gimmicky than the previous games. Z-Moves weren’t impressive to me, especially after I had just started getting used to Mega Evolutions, and while the regional form of older Pokemon was interesting, I always viewed the new Pokemon of the generation to be the “regional” Pokemon of the land. I was more excited about the news of Gold and Silver’s Virtual Console release until they didn’t mention Crystal at all. While I started playing Pokemon with Yellow, Red, and Blue, it was Crystal that really pulled me into the franchise. You could play as a girl! The Pokemon sprites were animated! There were even more colors! The storyline was more developed! I’m hoping Crystal will come along down the road.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Of course, I’ll still be getting Ultra Sun an Ultra Moon and I’m sure I’ll enjoy them both. But, in the moment, I would have rathered a third-tier game like the olden days.
I’m excited for Gold and Silver to come to the VC. It’ll add to my collection since I downloaded Red, Blue, and Yellow. Plus, while I played those games, I was pretty young. I didn’t actually beat those games until HeartGold and SoulSilver. So, it’ll be fun to play the old school way. And I do hope they release Crystal at some point as well. I understand they included Yellow since it was a “special Pikachu” edition so it was a big deal, but… if you’re going to have some of the games, why not all of them?

I think it would be more money for the company if they released Crystal with Gold and Silver. Speaking of which, it seems they will do just that with the port of the Wii U game Pokken Tournament for the Switch, Pokken Tournament DX. When the Wii U game was announced, I was indifferent to the idea of the game. A fighter arcade-like game, it seems to be Smash Bros. but with only Pokemon characters. I would be more interested in the game if it was closer to the original Pokemon Stadium games for the Nintendo 64. Still, if we end up getting it, I’ll try it out.

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Like the DLC for Mario Kart 8, I’m glad we didn’t buy Pokken Tournament for the Wii U. I wanted to get the game and try it out, but just never did for whatever reason. Now we can buy an improved version of the game for the Switch.
All in all, I’m not as excited for the announcements as I thought I would be. I think I got my hopes up for things that didn’t happen, but I’m still looking forward to all the games. I’ll be getting them all and I’m sure Ill enjoy them all just the same.

What did you think of all the Pokemon news? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I think Pokken on the Switch is a good idea, but I really wanted a brand new game, or one of the traditional pokemon games on the Switch. Fans have been wanting this for years, and the Switch being a handheld, you’d think it would be the perfect place for such a game. Given the horse power of the Switch, they don’t need to go all out graphically with a possible port of sun and moon, and keep the primitive charming visuals. This way, you’d get pokemon on a big handheld, be able to play on the TV, and have a ton of battery life, what could go wrong?

    • I do agree with you. Still, Pokken Tournament is sort of new to me, so I’m still excited for it. But I was still looking forward to Stars, but I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that they’re working on it. At least, I hope so anyway.

  2. I suppose it would have been unrealistic to expect them to put a Pokemon on Switch so soon after release. After all, I seem to remember Black & White or B&W2 coming out on DS the fall after the 3DS launched but I would have really liked a Pokemon I could play on my TV.

    • Honestly, I wouldn’t mind having a Pokemon game on the Switch, I think it’d be cool. I do think I’ll miss the handheld component of it, though. While I was expecting Stars, I was still hoping it would be on the 3DS, lol.

  3. I wasn’t expecting much, and my expectations were met. 😛 I will probably pick up Pokken Tournament DX though. I didn’t play much of the original. I didn’t even beat it, so I’d love to play with a better version and a more robust online later this year. I’m not excited about Ultra Sun and Moon. I’ll probably get it, but it’s just too soon for another Pokemon game, especially when I invested all that time into the previous version. Makes it feel wasted if they add exclusive content here. It reminds me of the Black 2/White 2 situation, which I didn’t like all too much either.

    • I agree. I wasn’t too much of a fan of Black and White 2. But yeah, I’ve been wanting to get back to my Sun game and work through that Pokedex some more. When the game first came out I told Kris this was going to be the first game I 100% my Dex before the next game came out. Of course, at the time, I assumed the next game would be Stars or a new generation…

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