Nintendo September 2018 Direct

Another Nintendo direct has come and gone, and… We thought this one was pretty good!
The direct opened with Luigi hunting down ghosts again and we at first chalked it up to, “Oh, look, footage from the 3DS remake of Luigi’s Mansion.” The more we saw of it, though, the more we grew confused.
That room wasn’t in the first game. That’s a new item in the hallways. The little ghost dog was in the second Luigi’s mansion, not the first one.
With the reveal that the game was Luigi’s Mansion 3 for the Nintendo Switch, Rachel leaped up from the couch and teared up with joy! That was something that’s been on her wish list for a long while now, so to see the direct brilliantly open with it (and to assure us that, no, Luigi did not die in the previous Super Smash Bros Ultimate direct) was a treat!
Most of the other announcements and reveals were decent as well. I’m looking forward to the Final Fantasy games, a series that she’s barely had the chance to try considering most of them were on the Playstation family of consoles. Cities Skylines didn’t seem too bad either, with how much we love simulation games. I have played Sim City before, and the game looks pretty damn similar, so we’ll see how Skylines runs on the Switch. Game Freak’s Town seems like it looks pretty good, and Yoshi’s Crafted World looks adorable as well.
It was interesting, but not too surprising, to hear that New Super Mario Bros. U is being remastered into a deluxe version for the Switch. Those games are decent, in my opinion, and wasn’t something I was too hyped about, but we’ll probably get it to have a good time with our cousins and friends.
(Although, what the hell is Peachette? Why is Toadette able to transform into her? Why can’t Peach just be able to do the double jump and floaty thing, and Toadette have her own abilities that make her stand out as her own character? Why do we need to make her combine with Peach?)
We thought the ending of the direct was amazing. Isabelle is adorable and it’s fantastic to see such a fan favorite heading to Smash as her own character rather than as an echo fighter! To top it off, Tom Nook then appeared and we got a pretty little place card announcement stating that Animal Crossing was coming in 2019 for the Switch! I don’t play Animal Crossing, but it was the second time in the direct that Rachel cried tears of joy.
All in all, we figured it was a pretty successful direct.

What did you think of Nintendo’s latest direct?

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Readers Comments (7)

  1. I’m quite excited! My wife is a huge Animal Crossing fan so I am happy for her, and for me the Luigi’s Mansion reveal was easily the highlight of the show. With the Wii U, I was always waiting for there to be enough games to be worth purchasing a console – with the Switch, I have to pick and choose what I get because there’s simply too much good stuff!

  2. I’m not really excited for anything that was announced. I think their online service is weak, I’m not an Animal Crossing fan, and I didn’t like the first Luigi’s Mansion, had no idea there was a second, and don’t plan on buying the third :). I am a Yoshi fan, but I can’t see myself dropping $60 for it. As of right now the only two games on my radar is Pokemon and Fire Emblem.

  3. I just preordered the Pokemon Switch so I’m super excited for Animal Crossing. I played it to death on DS, so it’s definitely a game I’ll have my eye on.

  4. I know you guys are excited about Mario Is Missing 4…. I mean Luigi’s Mansion 3. LOL!

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