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The SNES Classic Edition came out in September 2017. We didn’t get it right away since it was no where to be found. However, we did find it on Amazon a few weeks ago. It was a little more expensive than the original 80-dollar price, but we decided to go for it. And we’re glad we did.

I burst out laughing at seeing how tiny the console was. As someone who grew up with the original SNES as her first Nintendo console, it was definitely nostalgic-inducing to see it again, even in small form. It looks almost identical to the original console, but we were also surprised at how light it is. It feels a bit frail, in all honesty, but it works well!

I laughed at how small it was too. I’ve seen people hold it in the palm of their hands and I figured my hands would be too small for that. But nope. It fits perfectly in my hand and it’s easy to hold since it feels so hollow. I reorganized our consoles to fit it with the others and placed it next to our XBox One, which happens to be the largest console we own. It was easy to set up, though I’ll admit we had a hard time trying to find where to plug in the controllers. We had to turn to the manual for that one.

Yeah, we laughed at ourselves for not realizing where the controller plugs went at first. While we would prefer the cords to be longer, as we enjoy playing from our couch, I suppose we won’t knock ’em since I’ve heard they’re longer than the NES Classic cords. As far as the hardware goes for the SNES Classic, it’s good with us.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
The console turns on like the original SNES did and right away we have 21 old school games right at our fingertips. The SNES Classic is the least complicated console I think we’ve ever owned. No internet, no apps, no friend codes. Just plug it in and start playing. I love it and it’s great to play some of the old games again.

The original SNES was simple like that as well… Unless one needed to blow into the cartridge to make it work, haha! I love the library of old games on the SNES Classic, especially since they included my favorite, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. Of course, there are some games that I wish had been added, but I won’t complain with what we have.

Did you manage to snag an SNES Classic? What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I was lucky enough to snag a SNES Classic at launch and I love it. While there are games I wish that were added, playing stuff like Yoshi’s Island, which I had never played was great and also, that game is arguably better than SMW.

  2. I got one for myself and then one for my sister-in-law. I paid a little more for mine but hers I got right from GameStop. The selection of games on the SNES Classic are solid. I don’t think it needed two Kirby games though. I believe Donkey Kong Country 2 should’ve made it and a couple other 3rd party titles. But if you want to add games you can always hack it.

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