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Rachel Mii Double JumpHappy Thursday!
While I still hope that they’ll announce a Luigi’s Mansion and Animal Crossing game for the Nintendo Switch, I was exploring the Nintendo eShop the other day and added a few games to my wishlist.
1. I Am Setsuna
2. Yooka-Laylee
4. Snake Pass
5. Graceful Explosion Machine
6. Puyo Puyo Tetris
8. The Binding of Issac: Afterbirth
I absolutely loved the Wii U, but I’ll admit that I didn’t buy as many games as I wanted for it. This was because they were expensive and I certainly love my Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon. I tended to stick with those main games.
With the Switch, I want to try to broaden my horizons a bit. I want to try games I normally wouldn’t. The money is still a pain, of course, but this is partly why I wanted to start a blog about video games.
Hopefully, I’ll get some of these games soon and you’ll see reviews about them in the future.

What games are you looking to buy for the Switch? Do you have any of these games? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Great list! I can vouch for Puyo Puyo Tetris being good fun. Do you like action/exploration games? If so I’d recommend Blaster Master Zero and Wonderboy too.
    As for me I still need to get Zelda, actually. I’d also like to check out Shovel Knight and Binding of Isaac at some point (never got around to those on other platforms).

    1. It looks like a lot of fun! I’ll be honest that I’ve never played Tetris before. I do and I saw those games. They seem interesting.
      You have to get Zelda soon! It’s seriously the best game ever.

  2. I do have I Am Setsuna, Snake Pass, and Puyo Puyo Tetris! I’m looking forward to Yooka-Laylee and ARMS from your list. I’m also looking forward to Nintendo’s other big titles coming like Splatoon 2 and of course, Super Mario Odyssey!

    1. I can’t wait for Super Mario Odyssey! I don’t know about Splatoon 2… I played Splatoon with the kid I used to babysit for and I just couldn’t figure it out and couldn’t get into it. Then again, he was really good at the game so I had no shot of actually practicing. We may or may not give it a try.

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