Nintendo Switch's Durability

Double Jump Kris MiiHappy June, everyone!
Summer is right around the corner (I think… it’s been very rainy over here lately), and with that is usually more time to spend playing video games. With the Switch, it’s easy enough to play outside too!
I recently read an article about a YouTube channel whose whole premise is to take expensive gadgets and tech toys and drop them from enormous heights. It’s both exhilarating and frightening for a tech geek like myself.
One of the latest videos tested the durability of the Nintendo Switch. Considering how difficult it was to get the console when it first came out, it baffles the mind to think that someone out there has an extra console (and the money) to test this out.

Amazing, isn’t it? R.I.P. the poor left Joy-Con, but other than that piece, everything still seems to be in tact. So, if a Nintendo Switch can survive a 1000 foot drop onto concrete, then accidentally dropping it onto the kitchen floor shouldn’t be bad, right?

Would you be willing to test drop some of your favorite gadgets? Know anyone crazy enough who would? What do you think of the Switch’s durability?

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  1. I’ll never test drop anything of mine, but when my wife and I saw the 1000 foot drop test, we concluded we want a switch. All my fears of durability went put the window.

  2. For a Switch to survive that drop was both incredible and infuriating to watch. Incredible that it survived the test, infuriating because of the fact that some has the money to waste and too much free time on their hands.
    To look at it from another perspective. The evidence of the switch surviving the fall depended greatly on it falling on the left Joy-Con which cushioned most of the impact. If he were to do the drop again without the Joy-Cons, that would be the true test of durability.

  3. Instead of dropping it 1000 feet, they could have dropped it off to my house because I’ve had zero luck finding one at this point.

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