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Double Jump Kris MiiThe alternate title to this post is “Why I did NOT Play Sun & Moon’s Demo.” I’m sure many of you downloaded and played the demo, and I hope you all had an awesome time doing so! I’m sure the demo was great, but there was something holding me back…

Spoilers abound for the newest Pokemon installments, Sun and Moon, due to come out November 18, less than a month now. Last week, the demo for the games was available and, of course, many people tried them out.
I was not one of them.
Honestly, with all the information popping up on the Internet regarding the newest games, one doesn’t need to play the demo. Just wait an hour or two after the demo’s release, and everything will be revealed by those who just can’t wait to share their findings.
(One of which was, apparently, the accidental full Pokedex of the game, which includes the now meme-famous Alolan Dugtrio. You know what I’m talking about.)
Don’t get me wrong, I’m always excited about new Pokemon games. The franchise is one of my favorites. Pokemon was one of the reasons as to why I got my first GameBoy Color, bringing me even further into the wonderful world of gaming. Alola looks just as intriguing as its predecessors.
However, I do miss the surprise element.
I remember how exciting it was to fully explore new regions and discover new Pokemon back during the second and third generations of the games. Kalos was great as well, but it wasn’t long before we realized that all the new generation six Pokemon had been revealed before the game itself was out. It was a bit disappointing to know that there were no new creatures to discover for ourselves.
Little tidbits and snack-sized bites of information from the new games are fine and dandy, but I would like it if they were used more sparingly. I understand giving us news about the game is to keep us excited, but it has the opposite effect on me. Sun and Moon will firmly keep their places at the top of my gaming wishlist, but I wouldn’t mind being able to play through the game without all of this knowledge.
Give me back the exploration and discovery that made me love the creatures of this franchise.

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  1. Nope I never get the demo unless it’s a game I’ve never played and want to see what it’s like. I also didn’t get the Sun and Moon demo and I’ve been dodging every spoiler, screenshot, meme I can that’s pokemon related. You can only go so far (Alola Dugtrio makes no sense!) but so far so good.
    I agree that the element of surprise is gone and it’s really annoying when people want to reveal the whole Pokédex before the game is even out yet. Like why? Ugh. Hackers annoy me across all platforms.

    • That’s why I would get demos as well, just to test the waters of games I’ve never heard of and may be interested in. It is SO difficult avoiding Sun and Moon spoilers! I mean, it’s expected in this day and age of social media and the Internet that we’d see a lot of information, but I’m hoping that I’ll be able to recapture that sense of wonder and nostalgia. I’m sure there’s plenty of secrets still waiting to be discovered. 🙂
      I don’t think the leaked Pokedex was from hackers (unless I missed that bit of news) — I think it was accidentally left on the demo by Nintendo.

  2. I enjoy playing demos when I just want to try out the game now, like in Pokemon’s case. To be fair, I learned almost nothing about the game from the demo alone, though that’s probably because there have been spoilers abound, like you said. I think the bigger problem is the spoilers, which are unavoidable at this point. Demos usually work better for me if I don’t know how the game plays. I did want to mention that there is something big you get if you beat the demo. Are you planning on picking that special thing up at all?

    • Yes, spoilers are everywhere, and I’m probably being stubborn about the demo. I like playing demos on games I know nothing about, to test the waters, so to speak. I know the basic formula to the Pokemon games, and I’m content to wait to see what we can discover on our own with the full games. Rachel and I had pre-ordered a game each for ourselves, and we’re looking forward to having the long Thanksgiving weekend to play through it all!
      Are you referring to Ash-Greninja? I had no idea what that was (aside from a special Greninja, of course) until I realized it was something from the anime that I haven’t watched since the early days of the Sinnoh region. The special ability sounds cool, but I’m not too concerned about missing out on it. Thank you, though! 🙂

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