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Octopath Traveler is a game that we’ve all been waiting for a long time. Nintendo even gave us two demos for the game – the first we’ve played, the second we did not. Still, after the first demo and seeing various trailers, we were eager to get this game.

It’s been a long while since we’ve sat down and played a good, long game with a heavy emphasis on the story. Octopath Traveler seemed to be just what the doctor ordered, and with Square Enix at the reins, we had a good feeling that Octopath would be worth the time and money.

While we knew you got to pick a character to start, I thought we’d have to play the game 8 times to get the full story effect for all the characters. However, that’s not the case. As long as you have the character you’ve chosen in your party at all times, you can go through all 8 stories at once as you pick up each of the other characters on your journey, which is fantastic. We’re currently going through chapter 1 for all 8 characters.

We’ve been having a great time going through each character’s story and learning about their background, but I’ve honestly been most impressed so far by the music and the sound effects. Even back when the first demo came out, the music was one of our favorite things about it. Not only is the soundtrack beautiful, but the little details for the sound effects had us gushing. We chose Therion the thief to start and there’s a point where you explore a manor. His footsteps click on the marble floor but hush as he travels over rugs, and his voice echoed when speaking in a grand room, as voices tend to do in fancy manor rooms. Those little details were amazing to us.

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To go along with the music and sound effects, the voice actors are on point. Listening to the quick cut scenes where the characters speak for themselves is always engaging to listen to. They all have distinct voices that seem to fit their personality perfectly. The voices vary in tones and emotion depending on what’s going on. You can tell the voice actors put their full effort into it.

The game play and the characters’ stories (the ones we’ve started so far, anyway) are great as well, but it’s the game’s music and sound effects, along with the art style, that has fully captured our attention and helps to keep us excited to turn on the game again. As we go further along into the game, we’re sure the stories will keep us enraptured as well, but for the beginning, the music, acting, and art style are doing their jobs phenomenally.

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I’m eager to learn more about all their stories. I’m excited to play a lengthy game with an engaging story again. It’s been a while.

What do you think of Octopath Traveler? Which character did you choose to begin with? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. That’s great you are enjoying it. I haven’t played it, but it does seem like an excellent game.

  2. I’ve been loving it so far. The art style and music is excellent and I’ve been pretty engaged by the gameplay and storylines so far. I’ve done Chapter 1 of H’annit and Ophelia so far and they’ve been quite good.

    • It’s such a great game. I’m glad it’s living up to the hype. We haven’t gotten to Ophelia and H’annit yet, but we’ll be getting them soon.

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