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So. Play Nintendo Tour is coming around our part of the world this weekend. Less than an hour’s drive, it would have been a great day out. But we have a wedding to go to (with me being in the bridal party itself) this weekend… Don’t get me wrong, weddings are beautiful things, but Rachel and I have actually never been to a video game convention or tour.

Every time a convention comes around, we’re unable to go because we have something else planned. This time it’s Kris’s friend’s wedding. Last time it was our sister’s bridal shower. Or, if we can make it, the convention is on the other side of the country or world or where ever. We have jobs, we can’t just pack up leave for a week and… well, you know. Money.

So, we’re a little bummed, and I know this post sounds a bit whiny, haha! We’ll make it to something someday, but we’re also total newbies when it comes to conventions. We hear all about them through our favorite YouTubers and fellow bloggers, and we enjoy living through them whenever they post up videos and pictures of the conventions and tours.

We enjoy living through them, but not really. We’d rather be there. We’re actually quite sad.

It’s called “looking on the bright side,” Rachel. Let’s be honest, we wouldn’t know what the hell we were doing if we were at a convention or tour. We would have to do tons of research about conventions before going to one.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Nah, we’re fine. We’d figure it out. Someday we’ll make it to one. It’d be fun to meet new people and see what they’re all about. Until then, we’ll just have to be patient and hope out luck is better next year.

Those of you who have been, what was your first convention or tour like? Was it as amazing as you thought it would be?

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  1. My first video game “convention” was when I was a child at a Pokemon Tour, back when they went around to malls, gave out Mew, etc. The Play Nintendo Tour, which I was able to go to a few weeks ago, felt like a nice return to that, except as an adult. It was a very fun experience, and it was fun to just be a kid again, taking pictures with oversized Pokeballs and playing game demos. I also recently went to a Monster Hunter Generations Tour, which was also a fun time! I want to go to one of the big gaming conventions one day, especially E3! Any of the PAX conventions would be an absolute blast too. I hope you’re able to make it to something you’d like to go to someday too!

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