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We’re actually in Disneyworld right now! Being around Mickey Mouse and his friends reminded me of the popular video game franchise Kingdom Hearts, an ambitious crossover of Disney characters published by Square Enix.
I’ve only ever touched upon the Kingdom Hearts games when I was much younger. Having never owned the games myself, I was only able to play a bit of the first one whenever we visited our aunt and uncle a couple of towns over from where we lived (coincidentally, this is the same uncle that introduced me to video games and superheroes). If I had the chance, I would start up the game, usually create a new file and enjoy the main theme song, and give the game another try.
The farthest I’ve gotten was, perhaps, to Tarzan’s world, but I vaguely remember Aladdin’s world as well. I honestly cannot remember if Aladdin’s world was from watching my uncle or a friend play, or if there was a time that I had been able to borrow the game to play myself.
I always liked the idea of Kingdom Hearts, finding the narrative to be unique with exploring the Disney worlds to be a fun thought, even with the story line being a tad dark. And, while I don’t completely understand the line of sequels (why is there a game called “2.8 Final Chapter Prologue”? Why is there a Kingdom Hearts II when Chain of Memories is the direct sequel to the first game?), it is a franchise I would like to try.

What do you think of Kingdom Hearts? Have you ever played the games?

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  1. I played the first one all the way through. I think the second one I made as far as to Mulan. I’ve played the DS versions but not completely through. Though I do want to go back and do those over again some day!

  2. I’m a huge fan of Kingdom Hearts. When the original released it was a dream mix of two of my favorite things (Disney and Final Fantasy) and I’ve been hooked ever since.

    • I’m glad you enjoy it so much! I’m trying to figure out if it would be worth it to try to find a copy of Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix since it sounds like it is the first game along with Chain of Memories for the PS3. We don’t have the console for the first game, which I’d like to start with, but it sounds as if 1.5 Remix will work.

      • 1.5 Remix is a good remake of the original and if you have a PS4 they bundle 1.5 & 2.5 Remix in one package which is a great value as it has 1, 2, Chain of Memories, and Birth by Sleep as well as cutscenes from Re:coded and 358/2 Days.

        • We don’t have a PS4 (yet), but we do have a PS3 that is barely used. Here’s hoping it will get some use after we snag one of the versions of the Kingdom Hearts game for it!

  3. I love the Kingdom hearts game and I highly recommend the entire series! I wrote a review on one of the DS releases and I do plan on playing through two more on my blog (possibly three)! And It truly is a killer combo of cute and dark. The music is awesome the story might make you cry (the best games always do), the boss battles might make you scream, but they are solid games.

    • What a glowing review for the series! It just makes me want to try the games out more! 😀

      • You really really should

        • I am a little confused with how many games are out at the moment in the series and they way they’re numbered… Perhaps you would know if the HD 1.5 Remix would work for a starting point? If I understand it correctly, it has the first game and Chain of Memories.

          • Yeah you should start there and from my understanding the remixes cover all the games? I could be wrong on that but… I think that’s right my best friend has them and she was able to play most if not all of the games

          • Sounds good to me! At least, our PS3 may get some more use. 🙂

  4. I’ve been a fan of Kingdom Hears since the first release. Never looked back since. It’s one of my favorite RPG series that I loved to play. It’s probably my third favorite Square property my top 2 are Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy, the Disney elements was the draw for me when I was younger and it still is, because I’m a huge Disney nut!

    • Disney is amazing! It’s definitely what intrigued me to the Kingdom Hearts franchise as a kid but, back then, we never owned the proper console for the games. We have a PS3 now that we don’t use much, so I’m hoping to get one of the “remixed” games that include the first Kingdom Hearts. 🙂

  5. Unfortunately they have consumed too much of my life to count. I would highly recommend getting them on PS3/PS4 if you can.

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