Old PC Games (Part Two)

Going off of last week’s Wednesday post, there were a few other awesome PC games that Rachel and I used to play all the time. Being big animal lovers, we had a couple of games called Dogz and Catz, the ancestor of the Petz games now available on Nintendo’s handheld consoles.

Those games were a lot of fun. You would go to the adoption center and play with a few dogs or cats and then choose one to buy. You would take them home and play with them in various rooms in your house. The kitchen to feed them, the bathroom to bathe them, the living room, and the backyard. You could even take them on field trips and play games where you would win fun items like toys, clothes, or food for your pets.

I was originally introduced to the series an eon ago by my uncle. He had Dogz II on his desktop computer at my grandparents house and I would just go on there to play with whatever dog he happened to have adopted (when I wasn’t, you know, bothering him to play Super Mario RPG or watching Batman the Animated Series). There wasn’t a house setting like in Dogz and Catz 5 like Rachel had just described. Instead, the dogs would interact with the desktop, carrying around icons, digging up holes in the background, all that fun stuff.

…I don’t remember that one. Geez, talking about these old games makes me feel pretty young. You must feel pretty old! What I remember most was that in the later games your dogs or cats could breed with each other. I remember spraying them with love potion as much as I could and then I would end up with about ten dogs or cats on my screen. Even though you could only have two out at a time, but still.

Yay for puppies and kittens! Yes, that was lots of fun, but then it got stressful. You had to remember to feed and play with every one of those animals, otherwise, the game scared you into thinking that they would run away. Still, it was great fun, and I’m wondering if those old games would still work on our newer machines…

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Oh, yeah… I forgot they could run away. I think that actually happened to me once and I cried. I also remember the first time my dogs has puppies… I cried then, too. I was an emotional child. Either way, they were definitely fun games to play and I would love to play them again if we ever get our hands on them.

Have you ever played these PC games? What other PC games have you played?

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  1. I didn’t know the Petz series got its start on PC. To be honest, as a big console gamer, I didn’t play much PC when I was younger. I play some more games now thanks to Steam, but I always chose console/handheld games over PC games, especially since they cost the same. I had some educational stuff like Reading Blaster if that can even count as a PC game, haha. I do remember this Wishbone adventure game where he was Odysseus and went through The Odyssey. It was an oddly engaging adventure game, haha.

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