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Rachel Mii Double JumpHappy Thursday and happy September!
A few of our favorite YouTubers have been playing Mario Party a lot lately. Mario Party is one of my favorite game series. Kris and I play it every so often.
But we always play the newer games because they’re updated and easier to put on… With the exception of 9 and 10, of course.
Mario Party 1 Logo
It’s been in the back of our minds to set up our Nintendo 64 and see if any of the games still really work. Or if the console still works, for that matter.
So, last night, we wanted to play a game but didn’t know which one to play (as always).
I left for some reason, but when I came back into our office Kris had the Nintendo 64 out and was trying to find the correct wires for it to hook it up. Between the two of us, we successfully got the old system working.
Well… “Working.” We had to blow into the cartridge and the actual console (ah, that brings back memories!) and low and behold, the game clicked on.
Except, there was no color.
There’s nothing like playing a game that makes you feel old only for it to be in black and white to make you feel ancient.
Of course, we all know Mario Party is not actually in black and white. We weren’t sure if it was the game or the console, so we decided to stick Paper Mario in there.
That was black and white too.
Okay, so our Nintendo 64 console isn’t as young as it used to be. But we could still play the game, right?
There was already a saved game on Mario Party and Kris and I clicked on it just see what it was. Apparently, the last time we played the game eons ago, I was Yoshi and she was Peach. We played on Peach’s Birthday Cake against Mario and Luigi (though I don’t know what their difficulty levels were). We were on turn 8 out of 20. And I was winning.
It’s rare for me at that age to win at games like Mario Party. So Kris asked if I wanted to start a new game and I said absolutely not. I had an advantage!
It was difficult to play in black and white. If it wasn’t for the plus or minus coins we didn’t know if we were landing on a blue or red space. If someone landed on a green space, we couldn’t tell what color they changed to until the mini game appeared and divided us appropriately for a 4-player game, 2-player game, or 1 vs. 3-player game.
We got through one turn each and played the Bowser Balloon Burst mini-game (I can’t remember the actual name of the game). I won that game (go me!) but once it was our next turn, the console decided to reset itself.
That wasn’t the first time it happened, either. It was just the first time it decided to reset itself when we were actually playing the game.
Needless to say, we didn’t play for very long. But it was fun to get at least one turn of old school Mario Party in, especially with the Nintendo 64 controllers as opposed to a Wii remote.
How are your old consoles holding up? Do they still work? Or do they want to retire?

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  1. Aw, what a story! My consoles hold up okay, but I think the problem lies with the TV. My older TV that the N64 is connected to is pretty much broken (worse than black-and-white) and the newer TV doesn’t have a way for older systems to connect. I do value emulation consoles like the upcoming mini NES Classic and the Retron because they tend to have HDMI support. Otherwise, my old consoles are holding up, and I do try to play them when I can! I better check to see if I have an unfinished Mario Party game, haha.

  2. Last time I checked, they were all doing fine. The only Nintendo console I had that broke down was my Nintendo 64, but I quickly got another one. Even my NES and SNES are still standing strong… at least they were a couple of years ago.
    The original trio of Mario Party games is awesome, especially 2 and 3, and I feel only 5 and 6 were able to come close to that greatness after that. I think 4 and 8 are particularly bad, and I had fun with 9 even if it is totally random and somewhat poorly designed. But anyway, it is fun to go back and play the classics every once in a while.

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