Mario Party 10

Title: Mario Party 10
Company: Nintendo
Console: Wii U
How we got the game: We bought it.

Our Review:

So before Mario Party 10, what was the last Mario Party game I played? It was probably Mario Party 8, although the installment that we’ve probably played the most was Mario Party 4 for the GameCube (Team Treasure Trek and Dungeon Duos were the best mini games!). I know we skipped Mario Party 9 entirely, which was probably why we were surprised by Mario Party 10 having all the characters travel the maps together in a car and collecting mini stars instead of the traditional power stars. May I just say that I was not impressed.

I always wanted to play Mario Party 9, but we never ended up getting it. I have to agree that I wasn’t too impressed with Mario Party 10, either. I missed playing a mini game at the end of every turn and I missed duking it out for stars. There wasn’t much strategy to this game. It was all luck. The other Mario Party games are based on luck as well, but you still have to strategize a bit.

The “mostly luck, not enough skill” aspect to the game was not impressive to me either. The mini games were my favorite part of the early games of the series, and to only play them once in a while if someone happened to land on one of their designated board spaces was discouraging. Also discouraging were the Bowser versus everyone else games. They were so rigged in favor of Bowser that it grew annoying.

I enjoyed that you could play as Bowser. I think it’s an interesting addition to the game play, but I agree–Bowser was pretty overpowered. That kind of game makes you lose friends depending on who you play with! I also wished there were more boards to play on. There are only five total. You can unlock more using Amiibos, but those stages don’t look too appealing.

I think the concept of Mario Party (like Mario Kart and Monopoly) can make you lose friends anyway, haha! Going to the board topic, I honestly had no idea about the Amiibos unlocking more boards. While I agree that more boards would definitely be nice, I do believe that the graphics of the boards and characters that come with the game were done nicely. I especially enjoyed the underwater board, surprisingly enough!

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I didn’t know about the Amiibos, either. I just looked it up! The graphics were pretty awesome, I have to say. As much as I didn’t enjoy the game play as much as I used to, I did enjoy the updated graphics and music and character styles.

Yes, I believe the updated graphics were the best part of the game. I did also enjoy the mini games that we did play, even if we couldn’t play them as frequently as we did in the past games of the series. The Boss Battles in the middle and at the end of the boards were interesting as well. Fighting with and against the other characters at the same time to defeat the boss but get the most points was great! Other than those few aspects, though, Mario Party 10 was not that brilliant. It was good for a few casual games with friends, but it’s not a game that will be broken out to play very often.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I forgot about the boss battles! Those were great additions to the game play.
This certainly wasn’t my favorite Mario Party installment, but I have to admit that, like you said, it’s fun to play every once in a while. We haven’t played in a while, but now that we’re talking about it I kind of want to play it again!

Mario Party 10 gets…
3/5 Lives

Top 5 Super Smash Bros. Characters To Play

Rachel Mii Double JumpHi guys!
The kids I babysit for just got a Wii U about a month ago. They got Super Smash Bros. Wii U to go along with it.
I haven’t played the game in a while, but I’ve realized that I’ve branched out more with the characters this time around. I used to play solely as one character.
Here are my top 5 characters to play in the game.
5. Shulk
Though I’m not very good at him, I love playing as Shulk mostly because of his sword. I don’t really know why I decided to play as him into the first place, but I’ve gotten used to him, even if he isn’t my favorite.
4. Wii Fit Trainer
She’s fast and has some pretty cool, unique moves. I can just button-mash with her and still get a win. Though, I’m sure I button-mash with all the characters.
3. Charizard
He’s slow, but extremely powerful. I absolutely love his flame charge attack, even if he damages himself. But his head smash is pretty heavy in itself.
2. Link
I just discovered how well I do with Link the other day. I used to play as Young Link in the previous games and then Toon Link. However, I did play as adult Link here and there. This particular adult Link is quick and has a great range of attacks. I love the way he moves. He kind of just flows on stage.
1. Zelda
I’ve always played as Zelda for as long as I can remember. I don’t necessarily button-mash with her. I actually plan out my moves and attacks. Zelda isn’t a quick character, but she’s not slow like Charizard either. I can easily keep track of where I am on the stage and she has great range.
Who are your favorite characters to play as?

"The Eye of Minds" Review

krismii Happy Monday, everyone! Kris here with a review of a novel that takes place in a virtual reality… in more ways than one.
“Who knows the true definition of real?” – James Dashner (The Eye of Minds)

“The Eye of Minds” Review

This post may contain spoilers for the book.
From the Maze Runner fame, James Dashner penned the Mortality Doctrine series of which “The Eye of Minds” is the first. The story revolves around a teenager named Michael who, like the rest of the world, spends much of his time in the VirtNet. There people can live out their fantasies as they want to with no real risk to the own life.
Until, that is, the risks become real.
Enter Kaine, a deranged aspect of the VirtNet that is responsible for other gamers going so far as to kill themselves for real. Michael and his two friends, Bryson and Sarah, are recruited by agents of the VNS — VirtNet Security — to find this Kaine through dangerous codes and programs with their hacking and gaming skills. The entire book is a whirlwind of an adventure with the trio doing their best to follow a thin trail to this Kaine to help the VNS.
The idea of the plot was more interesting to me than the actual reading. Dashner’s writing seemed to be clunky, which worked some of the time due to the main character being a teenager on a crazy ride. With the dangers that surrounded them, it was understandable that Michael’s thoughts were a jumbled mess at times.
There were also parts of the book that I skimmed over for I felt as if the description of Michael’s thoughts and actions weren’t needed as much as the author felt they were. The chapters were short with even smaller sub-chapters, if you will, in them. Many seemed to rehash what we had just read and didn’t reveal anything new to us readers. I found myself wondering why this paragraph or that section was even in the book. Most sections were great for little character developments, but some weren’t enough.
The ending was definitely entertaining and did well in setting us up for the next book. It was a twist that, although hinted at throughout the second half of the novel, was not something that I expected, and it’s certainly a newer idea that I’ve come across in books with virtual realities. I just wish that we didn’t have to sludge through so much narrative to get to, what I believe, was the meat of the story. I will be buying the second book, but it’s not at the top of my list.
“The Eye of Minds” gets a 3 out of 5 stars.

Friday Favorites: Zelda Song Covers

Double Jump Kris MiiHi everyone! Kris here!
Today we’re celebrating the wonderful music that accompanies one of the most beloved video game franchise, the Legend of Zelda!
Music is one of my favorite aspects of video games. The right music (or lack of it) can make or break a level or cut scene. My music players, both portable and on my computer, are filled with various versions of songs and melodies from my favorite video games. Today I’m going to share some of my favorite covers of songs from the Legend of Zelda franchise.

Dragon Roost/Gerudo Valley/Palace Medley by String Player Gamer:


Deku Palace Acapella by Smooth McGroove:


Song of Time and Song of Storms by Taylor Davis:


Just Like A Sim

Rachel Mii Double JumpHello, everyone!
If you’ve played any of The Sims games then I’m sure you’ve realized that we’re all a little bit like Sims in our own way.
Two days ago Kris and I became aunts. It was a wonderful experience and we’re delighted at the newest member of the family.
When the baby was born, however, Kris and I ran around like headless chickens.
We’ve never been aunts before, as our sister has never been pregnant. We didn’t know what to do, we didn’t know what to think.
In the Sims, when someone has a baby, the other Sims in the house usually gather around and panic while watching the birth.
Kris and I might as well have done that same thing except we were in the waiting room and not watching our sister deliver the baby.
But we did panic. There was lots of panicking.
The last two days have been a whirlwind of emotions. We’re all exhausted, mentally and physically.
So last night I didn’t want to do anything but watch TV and that’s just what I did while, ironically enough, Kris played The Sims on her computer.
I wanted some coffee. I got up from the couch, left our office, walked across the hall, and entered our bedroom.
No, we do not have a coffee maker in our bedroom.
I stood in doorway looking around my dark bedroom wondering what I was doing and why I was in my bedroom.
It took me a couple minutes to realize what exactly I was supposed to be doing. If I wanted coffee I needed to go down the stairs and into the kitchen. Not my bedroom.
You know when you cancel an action on your Sims and then they just stand in one spot and kind of stare off into space? Yeah, that’s how I felt.
The past two days happened unexpectedly since our nephew decided to arrive early. So I’m hoping to get back into some sort of routine next week.
Then maybe I’ll feel less like a Sim.
What are some of your Sims moments?

Achievement Unlocked

Hi everyone! Apologies for the lack of post today, but we have a very good reason: we’re aunts!
That’s right, our older sister had her first child yesterday, and we were all running around like crazy excited (and a bit terrified) of the fact that we have a nephew. Regular posts will resume tomorrow, and thanks for your understanding while we take the day off to bond with the newest member of our family.

Pokemon Month is Over

Rachel Mii Double JumpHey everyone!
It’s finally March and we all know what that means — Pokemon Month is over.
Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow game out on the virtual console for the Nintendo 3DS on Saturday, February 27. The first thing I did waking up Saturday morning was download all three games.
I was born in late 1993. By the time the original Kanto games came out, I wasn’t old enough to actually play them. I only knew what they were because of Kris.
In a way, I started my journey in Kanto, but it wasn’t until Johto that I actually started a real journey by playing the games.
I had a Gameboy Color, but never the original games. The first time I played Kanto was FireRed and LeafGreen.
I started off playing Red on Saturday and while I didn’t get too far in it, I’m enjoying it a lot. I feel as though I’ve been thrown back into my childhood even though I never played the original games.
I’m so used to the modern games such as X/Y and Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire that the original games are a bit weird to play.

  • You can’t run
  • There are no abilities, genders, or personalities
  • The stats are are different
  • The game is practically black and white
  • There’s no experience share
  • I can only walk in four different directions, not eight

I thought the lack of running shoes was going to drive me crazy, but it really hasn’t. I think what bothers me the most is that I can’t move in eight different directions.
So far I’m absolutely loving the game and it’s nice to play some old school Pokemon and go back to its roots.
Do you have the games? How are you enjoying them?

Pokemon: Past and Future

Double Jump Kris Mii
I hope you’re not sick of all the Pokemon related posts yet, haha!
To wrap up February’s celebration of 20 years of Pokemon, here’s a post dedicated to the first generation of the amazing franchise: Red, Blue, and Yellow!
I had gotten all three of the first generation of Pokemon games eons ago with the translucent purple GameBoy Color nearly twenty years ago on a very happy Easter morning. I had just recently joined the Pokemon fandom thanks to a couple of good friends way back from elementary school, and they were awestruck when I showed them my Pokemon Yellow game days later.
Since then, I’ve been hooked. I have enjoyed every new Pokemon game since the first generation, with the vast regions, new Pokemon, the music, and game play… It’s definitely a franchise that I cannot imagine dying off.
The games have only improved throughout the years (with some, uh, hiccups in my opinion around the fifth generation there) and now we’ve gotten word of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon for the next installments! Not much was shown from them aside from a few early art concepts, but it was revealed that Red, Blue, and Yellow can transfer Pokemon to Pokemon Bank to Sun and Moon. We could be playing with our first generation of favorites in the seventh generation games!
Seven generations of Pokemon games in 20 years… Can you believe it? Here’s hoping for 20 more years!
Which generation of Pokemon got you hooked? Any certain favorites?

Flashback Friday: Super Mario RPG

Double Jump Kris Mii Hey everyone, Kris here!
Going along with the majority of posts for the rest of this week, today I’m raving about my favorite Mario game, a classic from the past – Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.
Super Mario RPG was a game originally released in 1996 for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. In 2008, it was released on the Wii’s Virtual Console. I didn’t hesitate to download it.
Super Mario RPG was probably the game that first got me hooked to video games. My younger self was always bothering my very patient uncle to play the game for my entertainment until I eventually tried to play it on my own. Since then, it cemented my love of video games, and Super Mario RPG is the game that I’ve replayed and completed the most to this date.
This game was the first to give Mario a taste of a role-playing game and was responsible for the famous spiritual successor Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi series. It granted the player a vast world to explore and a unique party of characters. Bowser and Princess Toadstool (now known simply as Peach — this is how old the game is!) join Mario, along with two new characters, Mallow and Geno. Geno, especially, rose to a famed popularity, enough so he’s a favorite contender for the Super Smash Brothers franchise despite being owned by Square Enix rather than Nintendo.
Although the story line is a bit cheesy, especially to some older players, Super Mario RPG is a timeless game that continues to be enjoyable no matter how many times it’s played through.

Things I Shout When Playing Super Mario 64

It’s a-me! Rachel!Rachel Mii Double Jump
If you missed it, Kris and I reviewed Super Mario 64 yesterday. We re-played the game, getting all 120 stars–something we’ve never done before.
If you remember playing this game, you know that Mario can be somewhat difficult to control at times. He can only jump sometimes, he slips and slides around, some of the levels are difficult. With that being said, I get frustrated with Mario quite easily.

  • Jump, Mario, jump!
  • Stop sliding!
  • No, don’t fall off the cliff!
  • MARIO!!!
  • You’re Jumpman! So why don’t you know how to jump??
  • Why can’t you just run in a straight line…?
  • Get the coin. It’s right in front of you.
  • Stop running into Bowser and grab his tail!
  • (When Mario catches on fire) You’re fine! Walk it off!
  • Mario… What are you doing??
  • Why do you hate me…?
  • Mario, JUMP!

There are plenty of other things I shout at Mario while playing the game. Considering it mostly contains swears, I decided not to include them for your sake.

What game(s) cause you to shout at the TV?