Super Mario 64


Title: Super Mario 64
Company: Nintendo
Console: Nintendo 64
How we got the game: We do have the original N64 cartridge, but we recently played it on the Wii virtual console

Our Review:

Everyone knows this game, right? Super Mario 64? It’s probably one of the most famous Mario games out there, with its hub-world, level portals, and the amazing (in those days) graphics on the Nintendo 64 console. It had come out twenty years ago and is still rightly talked about.

The graphics are amazing, I think. The only thing about it is Mario slips and slides everywhere. It’s annoying, but it makes everything funnier when you watch others play.
I love how there are so many things to do in the game. There are only a few levels, but you can catch seven different stars in each one. The game does eventually end, but it seems as though it’s endless.

When we were younger (like, a lot younger) and played this, there were always our favorite levels that we stuck by like Princess Peach’s slide and Cool, Cool Mountain. We were able to beat Bowser in the end every once in a while, but this time around we decided to personally challenge ourselves to get all 120 stars in the game.

It took us a while. I think we played the game for a couple of weeks. There certainly was some stars that stumped us more than others. For example, Hazy Maze Cave and Rainbow Ride. The funny thing is, we knew where the star was and how to get it, but Mario just slid everywhere and never jumped the right way when we wanted him to. Though I think that’s just us, not him.

It was still nice to blame Mario, though! Then, of course, there were those 100-coin stars. Most 100-coin stars didn’t take too long to get. Then there were others, like Tick Tock Clock and Snowman’s Land, where we were ready to scream at the screen. It was like, “I got 99 problems and they’re all coins!”

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Yeah, some levels are super easy, some are not. Even though I’ve played it plenty of times, and now I can officially say that I’ve completed the game in full, it will still be fun to go back and play it again soon. The graphics, the levels, the story, and even the music are all classic.

Yes, it is an enjoyable game, especially when we’re beginning to get a bit sleep-deprived. I believe the harder levels will become easier in time the more often we play them. The ones on the top floor of the castle — such as Wet-Dry World and Tiny-Huge Island — definitely aren’t ones that I would play on my own, but it will be fun playing the game again.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Tiny-Huge Island is not my favorite, though it is an interesting concept for a level, to go into two different paintings to be big or small. But Koopa the Quick is a pain that one, I have to admit.
Overall, it’s a game that will not be forgotten.

Super Mario 64 gets…

5 lives double jump5/5 Lives

Top Tuesday: Mario Games

Hey everyone!Rachel Mii Double Jump
For this Top Tuesday’s post, I’ll be talking about my favorite Mario games.
Mario is probably one of the most beloved game franchises of all time and I, like most of you, have grown up playing Mario games.

Top Tuesday Mario Video Games Double Jump

5. Super Mario RPG

I have to admit that I’ve never actually played this game myself. Suffering from Second Player Syndrome, I always watched Kris play it. Though I do love the game.

The old school graphics, the fun and upbeat music, new unique characters, and interesting villains is why this game is one of the best.

4. New Super Mario Bros.

I used to always play the old school Super Mario Bros. games with my sisters when we were younger. The original games are obviously awesome, but I love the remakes just as much.

The controls can be slippery sometimes as the characters tend to slide around a lot, but I think that makes it much more fun. I don’t know about you guys, but we can never keep our footing making the game that much more difficult. Plus, you can pick up your teammates and throw them off the edge just to piss them off.

3. Mario Kart Wii

Who doesn’t love a great kart racing game? Mario Kart has been around for a long, long time and I have to say that Mario Kart Wii is one of the best.

The controls are fun and the courses are pretty and unique. I always seem to do better at the harder courses than the easier ones, my favorites being Rainbow Road and Wario’s Gold Mine. This is a great game for me to play with my friends because I win most of the time and… Well, who doesn’t love winning?

When it comes to any Mario Kart game, it’s not about fun. It’s about winning.

2. Super Mario 64

I have a love-hate relationship with this game. But I must love it more than I hate it because it made number two on this list.

The different level possibilities is probably my favorite part of this game. The old school graphics are refreshing to see and the story line is easy and simple. Mario is a pain to control sometimes and he doesn’t always cooperate, but that makes the game that much more fun and challenging at the same time.

Either that, or I just really can’t play the game.

1. Paper Mario

If you’ve read my Top Tuesday post about my overall favorite video games, then I’m sure you could have guessed that this would be my top Mario game.

From the first time I played this game, I fell in love. The characters are witty and funny, the music is catchy, and the graphics are great–you know, for it to be “paper” and originally on the Nintendo 64.

The story is just like any other Mario game where Peach is kidnapped. But I love how we can play as Peach, even if she doesn’t do much, and Twink was a fun addition to the cast. The different worlds are unique and fun to play as well as trying to figure out how to get to each world.

Paper Mario definitely takes the cake!

What’s your favorite Mario game?

Top 5 Anticipated Games

Double Jump Kris MiiHi everyone! Kris here with a post that will hopefully help you get through the Monday of the week.
This year has a plethora of great games scheduled to come out! I’m sure you all have your own list of anticipated games, and I’d love for you to share them in the comments. For now, though, here are my top five anticipated games for 2016 (for the moment, anyway).
5. Fire Emblem Fates

Fire Emblem is one of my favorite franchises. The intricate characters, the classes, the support systems, the strategy you need in order to keep your units alive… There are so many brilliant aspects to the games all wrapped up in fantastic worlds with gorgeous settings and lore. Fire Emblem Fates seems to be no exception.
Although I’m not too thrilled with the idea of the separate paths with their own prices (and then there’s the third path to boot) — it just seems to be a way to milk the cash cow — I’ll definitely end up with the whole collection.
4. Yooka-Laylee

The spiritual successor of Nintendo 64’s Banjo-Kazooie, many fans have been keeping an eye on this game. Although I myself wasn’t too big of a fan of the Banjo-Kazooie games, I think Yooka-Laylee looks fantastic. The graphics are stunning, the characters are adorable, and I’m interested in seeing what Yooka and Laylee can do.
There’s no definite release date yet, but rumors have the release dated this October on every major platform. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!
3. Star Fox Zero

I was introduced to the character Fox way back on the Nintendo 64 with the first installment of Super Smash Brothers. I had never played any of his games until Star Fox Adventures for the GameCube. While I have yet to beat that particular game, I did enjoy his character enough to start looking forward to Star Fox Zero.
Shooting games aren’t exactly my forte, but I’m definitely willing to try something new in regards to video games! At the very least, I’m sure it’ll be entertaining to Rachel to see how well I do shooting!
2. Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow

Yes, I know they’re not new at all, but the Pokemon Yellow, Blue, and Red versions helped define my childhood, and I am very much looking forward to playing the games again on the virtual console. The Yellow version was my first introduction to Pokemon and my love for it has yet to waver.
In all honesty, with how spoiled I am from the newer games, it’s a wonder how my reaction will be to the virtual console games. The music, the old graphics, the lack of running shoes, I’m sure I’ll be lost in nostalgia quick enough!
1. Zelda Wii U

I remember how mind-blown I was upon seeing that first sneak peek of the new world of Hyrule for the Zelda Wii U game. The graphics look utterly gorgeous in the video and I’m eager to explore the vast world that is promised to us.
Although the end of the video lies and says, “2015,” Nintendo has confirmed it for this year (maybe even on the new generation console NX). Hopefully the game won’t need to be delayed any longer. We’ll have the HD remake of Twilight Princess to tide us over for a while, but I’m not sure I can take another year of waiting for this new Zelda game!

Amiibo Bandwagon

Double Jump Kris Mii Hello, hello, everyone and happy Friday!
Today’s post is all about those fun little figurines that Nintendo is producing called Amiibo! Let me know what you think of them in the comments.
Amiibos are figurines of popular video game characters from Nintendo. They are able to be used in conjunction with some of Nintendo’s latest games, most notably Super Smash Brothers for the Wii U.
wp-1455926305505.jpgWhen the amiibos first came out my reaction was caught between, “Oh, they’re cute,” and “Wtf.” I didn’t understand the concept of them other than that they may have been created just as collectibles (which is something that plenty of people do with them) before realizing that they can be “leveled up” in games like Super Smash Brothers. It wasn’t something I was into at all — I would have much rather just play the games without worrying about what level my toy was at.
Then the green yarn Yoshi came out in celebration of Yoshi’s Woolly World.
Holy fudgesicle, that thing is adorable! I just saw it available when I was at Toys R Us for something — I can’t even remember what — and they were just sitting there. I bought one on impulse (they wouldn’t let me have two) and have found myself looking more and more at amiibos.
(Technically, our Classic Mario amiibo was the first one we had gotten with our Super Mario Maker Wii U bundle, which was pretty cool. But the Yoshi’s cute factor trumped it.)
After that, Rachel and I started thinking more about the amiibos. Rachel even gave me Sheik for my birthday, where it sits proudly on my desk. We still don’t use them in games — in fact, the few we have are still in their boxes and we’re not sure if we’ll ever open them — but we keep looking at them whenever we pass them by at our favorite video game stores.
Who will be next? Charizard and Greninja? Fox or Roy, maybe? Perhaps we’ll have an updated picture of all our amiibos later down the road!
Do you collect amiibos? Which ones are your favorite?

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Here’s Rachel!
Today I have another game review. This game is part of a spin-off series that I absolutely love.
Title: Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon
Company: Nintendo
Console: 3DS
How I got the game: I bought it
My Review:
I love all the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games. The newer ones just keep getting better and better.
The story, just like the other Mystery Dungeon games, revolve around you, a human, who has been turned into a Pokemon and transported to the Pokemon world.
You don’t know why this happened or how, but you roll with it because… Well, what else can you do about it?
Graphics: 5/5
The graphics don’t look that much different than the last Mystery Dungeon game for the 3DS, but I do have to give them credit for trying to make the Pokemon look more like their size.
With this kind of game you can have a Caterpie following around a Tyranitar and they would look exactly the same size. I know they can’t make them look exactly to scale, but they did do a better job of making it look more realistic in that sense this time around.
Music: 5/5
I don’t know why, but the music reminds me a lot of Paper Mario and I absolutely love that music.
I felt like the music for each dungeon fit the setting, whether if it was a snowy area, a desert, or a forest. The music for the different towns are light-hearted and fun while the dungeon music has a different twist on danger depending on where you are.
Controls: 5/5
The controls haven’t changed from the previous game. It’s pretty easy to navigate and play. The game does well when it comes to using just about every button that’s given on the 3DS, but it’s not confusing.
Story: 5/5
Just like any other Pokemon game, the story is a bit sappy. I don’t want to say too much about it in case of spoilers, but I felt as though this was one of the better stories out of all the Mystery Dungeon games. The characters were developed more so by the end you actually have feels for some of the characters; especially when the biggest mystery of all is revealed.

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon gets…
5 lives double jump
5 out of 5 lives.

First Impressions: The Sims 4

Hey everyone! Kris and Rachel here with another joint post! This week we’re going to rant and rave about the Sims 4. Both of us have been fans of the franchise for many years, with my favorite installment being the Sims 3 and Rachel loving the Sims 2. As for the Sims 4, I have to say… it’ll take some getting used to on my end.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I absolutely love it! I skipped over the Sims 3 because I just couldn’t get myself used to it. It wasn’t a bad game, I just preferred Sims 2. So playing Sims 4 is a huge step up from Sims 2! Though I know some others seem to think it’s a step down from Sims 3…

Well, not a step down, necessarily. Like most of the Sims installments, each expansion pack is like a piece of a puzzle, and EA is only giving us a few pieces at a time. They’ve been throwing quite a few stuff packs around to milk the cash cow when many of the items could have been used to bolster the few expansion packs they have out already. The franchise is enjoyable, but pricey.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Pricey or not, I still love it. My favorite part of the game is the emotions addition. I love making my sim feel inspired to write a new book or making her take a “steamy” shower and then watch her make a fool of herself as she flirts. Though, the flirty and playful emotions help a lot. I’ve only played for a couple of days, but she’s already engaged and he’s moved in with her.

Haha, the emotions part is definitely a plus! The sims have more realistic reactions to their environments and other people. I do wish that we were able to choose more traits and aspirations. Three traits to create a person isn’t enough to fully explore the possibilities of the emotions. I know that sims can earn traits, but having a wider range would be nice. I think the traits are what I miss the most from the Sims 3.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I agree, I do miss having more than three traits. I had a hard time picking just three out of all the options given.
But… I do love how there is no “environment” on the mood thing. I always felt forced to add wallpaper and such to my houses and they always came out ugly. My house in the Sims 4 isn’t decorated at all now because I don’t need to worry about it. It’s ugly, but at least it all matches.

On the flip side of that, it feels as if there’s also too little when it comes to being able to customize your sims’ world. It’s great that I’m not spending two hours to create a sim or house, but there is that lack of being able to truly create your own style. I’m sure more sets — clothes, hair, furniture, all that jazz — will be added as more expansion packs become available, but that goes right back to my point about missing puzzle pieces and money.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Yes, I understand what you mean. Though I don’t think that bothers me all that much. I’m sure the more I play the game I’ll end up getting bored with the same stuff and want more down the road. Then I may have something to complain about. But at the moment, I don’t have too many concerns with this game.

I believe that’s the difference in our playstyles. I prefer the creating and customizing, while you enjoy making your sim actually live her/his life. Despite my cynical-ism, I am having fun with the Sims 4. It’s something new to explore and the game’s speed and processing is fantastic. Loading screens may be back, but they’re not on the screen for long!

Rachel Mii Double Jump
The loading times are Heavenly compared to what the Sims 2 was like. Then again, we also have a new computer. I’m sure that helps!
On that note, I’m sure we’ll discuss The Sims 4 again at a later time. Maybe we’ll even have pictures of our wonderful Sims living their lives!

Like pictures of Rachel’s sim catching herself on fire (twice), haha!

Rachel Mii Double Jump
(It was actually three times…)
To be continued!

How are you enjoying The Sims 4? What’s your favorite Sims game?

Second Player Syndrome

Rachel Mii Double JumpHey everyone, it’s Rachel!
Today I’m going to open up about something. Something most of you can probably relate to.
I, Rachel, have Second Player Syndrome.
What is Second Player Syndrome?
Second Player Syndrome is when you grow up always being second player when playing video games.
Who does Second Player Syndrome affect?
Second Player Syndrome affects people of all ages, males and females alike. The biggest cause that we’ve noticed is if these people have older siblings and have been playing video games with them all their lives.
What are the symptoms of Second Player Syndrome?
You know you have Second Player Syndrome when…

  • Your level and experience points are never quite as high as the first player’s due to them taking over most of the boss battles.
  • You run away at most boss battles or become easily stressed out by them.
  • You always collect the most money and gems. For some reason, you’re weirdly attracted to the treasure in the game.
  • When playing in one-player mode, you tend to pass the controller to someone else and say, “You’re turn” or, “Screw this. Here you go!”
  • You don’t have nearly as many games beaten as your older sibling.
  • You’re not that great at video games, but you pretend to be.

How do I cure Second Player Syndrome?
Unfortunately, there is no cure that we know of. The important thing to remember is that Second Player Syndrome is not serious or life threatening. Just keep playing video games and have fun.
Do you suffer from Second Player Syndrome? Or perhaps First Player Syndrome?

Player One Syndrome

Double Jump Kris Mii Happy Monday, everyone! Kris here today, and I’m going to describe a common ailment that plagues many gamers, such as myself, in the world:
Player One Syndrome.
Player One Syndrome affects many a-gamer. It’s what happens when one is too used to being first player when playing video games. Some of the tell-tale signs of having Player One Syndrome include:

  • You’re used to always picking the levels of the games you play with others.
  • Exploring is second-nature to you — you always want to see what the whole game world has to offer.
  • Treasure and money sometimes can be a problem for you, usually because you are too busy exploring to remember to earn said money.
  • When it comes to gaining experience in a game, yours is probably among the highest.
  • You never run from a fight. In fact, you usually charge right in and are one of the most skilled when it comes to video game battles.
  • You seem to be protective in nature. During boss fights, you’re on the front lines to shield your teammates.
  • You’re generally very knowledgeable about the tips and tricks of the video game worlds.
  • Sometimes you seem to forget that there are others on your team, and you may be baffled when someone else questions your strategies.

Player One Syndrome does not seem to have a cure, but it’s fortunately not a very serious ailment. Those who are affected should continue to have fun playing video games and not worry at all.
Do you have Player One Syndrome? Or perhaps Player Two Syndrome?

Friday Favorites: Pokemon Games

Double Jump Kris Mii Hello everyone! Kris here with a post to help celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Pokemon franchise.
I can’t believe how far the series has come, and I’m eagerly awaiting to see what the future has in store for Pokemon fans!
I remember a couple of decades ago when I first got the Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow versions for Easter gifts from my awesome parents (well, back then it was from the Easter Bunny, but still). I was the envy of my friends who were also Pokemon fans that year! Since the GameBoy Color versions of the popular journey games, I’ve never stopped playing Pokemon games. Here is a tribute to my top five favorite Pokemon games:
5. My Pokemon Ranch
Okay, so Pokemon Ranch is more of a sub-game than an actual game. Like Pokemon Box, Pokemon Ranch allows you to store up to 1000 Pokemon in it to watch and interact with your Pokemon as your Mii. The Pokemon themselves are in a chibi-style and are able to interact with each other as well, making Pokemon Ranch a relaxing, cute game to have on the television.
4. Pokemon Stadium/Battle Revolution
An oldie from the Nintendo 64 days, the Pokemon Stadium games were the first to give players a glimpse of battling with their favorite Pokemon in 3D, and Battle Revolution for the Wii was its descendant. It boasted all sorts of different battle mods and tournament cups that one could battle through either with rented Pokemon from the N64 game or with your own team from the GameBoy Color games. Rachel and I used to send each other out of the room as we created our own teams to surprise the other with when we battled. I would be amazed if one day Nintendo created a new Pokemon Stadium game with all 720 (or more) Pokemon!
3. Heart Gold/Soul Silver
The reboots of the Johto generation of games were amazingly well-done. Johto was always one of my favorite generations and regions of the games, and the updated graphics and animations were fantastic. One of my favorite aspects of the update was seeing your Pokemon follow you around outside of its pokeball, a feature that I wish was kept in the newer games.
2. Platinum
Platinum holds a special place in my heart. Although it is by far not the first Pokemon game that I had beaten the Pokemon Champion in, it is the one that I have not restarted fairly soon after doing so. The regional map is one of my favorites, with all the climate changes, different Pokemon, and the other updates from the Diamond and Pearl games. Platinum boasts one of my favorite teams that I had ever raised, and I won’t be restarting the game anytime soon!
1. X/Y
This probably isn’t a surprise from reading the previous entries of the list. Pokemon X and Y, being a couple of the newest additions to the world of Pokemon games, have some of the most updated graphics and animations. The region is full of beautiful landscapes and all sorts of different climates to find Pokemon in, along with the new features like Pokemon Amie, the new Pokemon type, the enhanced online play, and customizable trainer sprites. I’ve logged in a couple of hundred hours playing the game and raising all of my favorite species!
What are your favorite Pokemon games?

Pokemon Month

Rachel Mii

 Hey, everyone! Rachel here.
February is a big month for Pokemon, one of my favorite game franchises. There’s a lot going on this month that I’m just as excited as Pikachu with a ketchup bottle!

Double Jump Pokemon Month

February marks the 20th anniversary for Pokemon. 20! I feel like Pokemon has been out a lot longer than that, but I’m 22 and Pokemon came out two years after I was born, so… Math.
I follow Nintendo News here on WordPress. They’re constantly updating with news and events multiple times a day for various games. Lately, they’ve been mainly talking about Pokemon. They have big plans for the anniversary.
1. The new season of Pokemon XYZ will be airing in February
2. New 3DS Pokemon 20th anniversary edition will be available February 27th. The new editions are Charizard and Blastoise from the original Red and Blue games.
3. The main star of a new Pokemon movie and the full title will be announced in February. Supposedly it’s going to be big.
4. Starting in February, legendary Pokemon are available. Mew is available through Gamestop in February.
5. The first three Pokemon movies (Pokemon The First Movie, Pokemon The Movie 2000, and Pokemon 3 The Movie) will be in a Blu-Ray bundle for a limited time starting February 9.
There’s so much more to come too! There will be special events and certain happenings at different retail locations on February 27, which is Pokemon Day.
I’m pretty sure my wallet will feel some pain in February.
To find out more, go to
Are you a Pokemon fan? How excited are you for the 20th anniversary?