Friday (Least) Favorites: Super Mario 64 Worlds

Double Jump Kris MiiHappy Friday everyone!

Super Mario 64 is one of those classic favorites among Nintendo fans. While it’s not one of my favorite games, I do have a good time playing it with Rachel. However, there are definitely some courses in the game that I would not miss.


Hazy Maze Cave

Does anyone like this world? I feel as if this is the least liked level in Super Mario 64 from what I’ve heard on the Internet. The graphics and music don’t tend to grab me as some of the other worlds do, and every section seems mish-mashed together rather than feeling like an entire world on its own like the other courses.

Dire, Dire Docks

Generally, I’m not a fan of water levels at all. I can appreciate them — like the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time’s Water Temple, despite how much of a pain it can be — but having to deal with air meters and swim controls were never my favorite part of video games. At least the water levels have some of the best music in Super Mario 64.

Wet-Dry World

The mechanic of the water level being dependent on where you enter the painting is probably the only interesting thing I find about this level. Other than that, I just find it… blah. Even the area with the house-like structures fails to impress me. Other levels definitely have better secrets and challenges than Wet-Dry World.

What are your least favorite courses from Super Mario 64?

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New Activity Books For Mario, Zelda, And Splatoon!

Rachel Mii | DoubleJump.comHappy Thursday!

Nintendo has announced new activity children’s books that have been released by the publishing company, Random House.

I have a good amount of coloring books. I’ll admit I don’t color as often as I’d like and I should probably do it more so that I’m not so frazzled all the time. So, when I saw this I figured I’d have to get them at some point or another.

There are a good amount of activity books featuring Mario and friends, the Legend of Zelda, and Splatoon. You can find the collection here at Random House.

They look great and, if you go on the website, you can take a peek inside the books. Random House is a great company as is Nintendo so these books actually look like high quality coloring books with various activities such as mazes and stickers.

They’re fairly cheap too being only around $10 – through Amazon, anyway. These might be something I’ll invest in soon enough.

I’ve never gotten into Splatoon, but I definitely want Mario and Zelda… along with Pokemon and Animal Crossing should they ever make those.

Speaking of Animal Crossing, don’t forget there’s a Nintendo Direct tonight! It’s 3pm PDT, 6pm EST. I’m looking forward to it and while I’m not trying to get my hopes up… I’m totally getting my hopes up for Animal Crossing Switch.

We’ll see what happens though.

Will you be checking out the activity books? What are you hoping for in the Nintendo Direct tonight? Let me know in the comments! 

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Go Vacation [Game Review]

Double Jump | Video Games | Nintendo | Nintendo Switch | Review | Go Vacation

Title: Go Vacation
Developer: BANDAI NAMCO Studios Inc
Publisher: Nintendo
Nintendo Switch
Release Date: 
July 27, 2018
How we got the game: 
We bought it

Go Vacation takes the simple premise of games like Wii Sports Resort and expanded it. With four resorts to explore and tons of mini games to enjoy both alone and with friends, Go Vacation is a fun casual game.

Go Vacation is a game I was looking forward to. While I didn’t play Wii Sports Resort as much, I absolutely loved Wii Sports. So, I was eager to give this one a go.


Go Vacation is a hub world with mini games thrown everywhere. You take your Mii and can freely explore each resort, each of which has various options of getting around the area. To play a mini game, all we had to do was go and talk to the specific NPC Mii that was in charge of it. Most of the controls for the mini games were fairly simple, especially when each person is playing with one Joy-Con.

To get around each resort you can use the tools from certain sports for that resort. For example, an ATV at the Marine Resort or a skateboard at the City Resort. Or you can simply walk around… though it’s really slow.

The walking was a bit slow, yeah. I would have liked it if there was a run or dash option. I did prefer walking, though, because I felt like we could explore the resort areas a bit more than us just zooming through on an ATV and crashing into walls and NPC Miis. The gameplay was rather simple, with most mini games being a button or two and needed to tilt the Joy-Con to direct your Mii.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
They were actually harder than I thought… or we’re just terrible at the games. Going sky-diving was horrendous but we got a lot of laughs out of that one. We had to fly through the air and get into positions and make formations before reaching the ground. You can also go to the information center for each resort to change your clothes and customize your gear such as your ATV.

The hang-gliding in the City Resort was worse for me for some reason. Instead of going in an almost straight line to go through the rings, my Mii was just like, “Let’s veer off to the right!” and crashed into the buildings. We had to start that one over because I got stuck. I think I’m just terrible at steering, but I digress. It was nice discovering that you could give your Mii a little customization, especially since Rachel’s and my Miis were just running around in matching clothes for a while.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Yes, some games were certainly hard to control. Overall, I had a good time playing the game and I’m looking forward to playing more sometime soon.


The game’s graphics were cute. There was nothing really revolutionary about them, considering we’ve seen similar graphics with the Miis in games like Wii Sports Resort. The hub world and resorts looked really nice, though, especially on the Nintendo Switch.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
The graphics were certainly clear and crisp being on the Nintendo Switch. However, it seemed as though it kept it’s same style from Wii Sports/Resort. I liked it though. It has its own certain charm to it.

The music wasn’t too bad, either. Nothing completely memorable to me, but cheery enough to work with the casual, fun aspect of the game. There were a few mini games that just did not have music at all. For instance, we were playing beach volleyball and the only sound effects were the Miis running around and tripping in the sand aside from hitting the ball. It was a little… not awkward, but nothing to really help you stay engaged in the mini game, especially since you really only needed to hit the action button once to hit the ball. No special moves or combos in that mini game.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Oh, right. I enjoyed the music to a certain extend but yeah. Sometimes it felt out of place or even forgotten.


Go Vacation is made to be replayed with friends. With all the different mini games and costumes to customize your character and gear, it’s a fun little game to explore. There’s no substantial underlying story that will keep you riveted to the screen, but it’s a fun party game that can easily make you all dissolve into laughter.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
This will certainly be a fun party game with friends. You can always explore yourself to beat your own high score. However, some games are better than others so I’d only go back to play certain games.

Go Vacation gets…
Video game review: 3 Lives
3 out of 5 lives.

Have you played this game? What did you think? Let us know in the comments! 

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New Date For Latest Nintendo Direct [Rumor]

Rachel Mii | DoubleJump.comHappy Tuesday!

I personally think it’s been a long week and it’s barely started. Still, I’ve been keeping my eye out for a new Direct date and we might have one.

We were supposed to have a Nintendo Direct a few days ago about upcoming Switch and 3DS games. I was looking forward to it when mother nature had other plans for poor Japan.

An earthquake hit and I’m hoping everyone on that side of the world is safe and the mess wasn’t too big. Still, it was enough for Nintendo to delay the direct – which I think was respectful of them.

I’ve been checking back here and there to see if a new date has been added and there’s a rumor going around that it might be September 13th, a Thursday.

I feel like, a lot of time, when it comes to rumors, they end up coming true. So I’m hoping September 13th is true because then that means it’s only two days away and I can finally get my Animal Crossing Switch.

Yes, I said it.

Are you looking forward to the Direct? What do you think they’ll announce?

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“Dream Daddy” Comics

Double Jump Kris MiiHappy Monday, everyone!

On a fairly recent post, I mentioned how a comic app was coming to the Nintendo Switch. Then I heard about a mini comic series based on a game that we played and enjoyed almost a year ago…


Way back in November 2017 Rachel and I did a review for a visual novel/dating simulation game produced by the Game Grumps, a popular YouTube channel, called Dream Daddy. It was a fun game, one with fantastic characters, writing, and graphics, as well as celebrating gender and sexuality diversity.

Recently I heard that the Dream Daddy game is going to have comics based off of them. There will be five issues, with one available now and the rest being released within the next couple of months. Each issue will feature one to two of the dads that your character can romance in the game, and they’ll be available on quite a few digital platforms — Steam, Google Play, iTunes, Comixology — as well as a print version through Oni Press online shop, the folks who are publishing the series.

Considering Rachel and I enjoyed the game, I figured if we have a little extra money on our Steam account we’ll get an issue or two. Depending on the writing and the artwork, maybe we’ll splurge on all of the issues to see how the comics expand on the game lore.

Did you play Dream Daddy? What kind of comics based off of video games, or vice versa, have you read?

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Twitch is running a marathon of all 19 seasons of the Pokemon anime, including the movies, and it’s going to run well into 2019. While Rachel and I enjoy the Pokemon anime, especially the earlier seasons, we never really watched too much anime in our lives. We recently watched and enjoyed the Ace Attorney series, and we used to watch Sonic X more for nostalgia for the older cartoon rather than actually liking it, anime was never really our thing.

Yes, we really only cared for the Pokemon anime because it’s… well, it’s Pokemon. However, we have seen a couple of other anime shows in our lifetime, while we didn’t watch anything other people watch. Fruits Basket being one of them.

Fruits Basket wasn’t too bad at all, although I remember more of the manga from borrowing it from an old high school friend than I do the anime. Every once in a while on Saturday mornings I’d catch an episode of Cardcaptor Sakura too. That wasn’t a bad show at all, if I remember correctly.

We borrowed the DVDs from your friend too, I think. I remember watching it in the basement with you. I never read the manga, though I plan to… eventually. I’ve never seen Cardcaptor Sakura, though I do remember you mentioning it to me one time.

It wasn’t too bad at all, and I would like to try to revisit it, see what became of the show. I’m sure you want to watch more of the Fruits Basket anime, too. Yu-Gi-Oh doesn’t seem too bad either, but all I’ve really seen of that show was the original theme song. There are so many other anime out there… We should definitely try to find more that we’d be interested in, see if there’s any others we’d like to watch.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
If we got into Yu-Gi-Oh then I’m going to need more room to collect even more trading cards. I want to watch Ouran High School Host Club again too. That was a really good show.

Oh, the trading cards… We should probably figure out how to play all those card games, especially with all your Pokemon cards! Sword Art Online is another anime that I’d be interested in seeing. It’s based in a virtual MMORPG and players cannot log out of their avatars until they defeat the final boss. Apparently the anime is set in 2022 which isn’t too far from now!

Rachel Mii Double Jump
That’s sounds really cool! Though totally creepy because of how close it is… it’s funny how shows are set to the “future” and it’s like, well. Here we are. But that definitely sounds like a good one too.

Are you into anime? What are some you watch? Let us know in the comments below!

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Favorite Stories In The Pokemon Games

Favorite Stories in Pokemon Games | Nintendo | Gaming | Video Games |

Pokemon games are all about catching them all, but the core games of the series tend to have some sort of plot line. Generally, these plot lines involve all of the adults being incompetent enough to rely on a ten-year-old new trainer, especially in the face of some of the most powerful Pokemon, such as the Legendaries.

It really makes you wonder how the adults survived, huh? Then again, I guess they see themselves as “retired” and the pre-teens need to learn how to survive in the world. I guess it makes sense in some way… still, there are always various groups of “baddies” that are trying to steal Pokemon or destroy the world for some reason.

Obviously, the games wouldn’t be that great if our character was just on the sidelines watching the “adults” take care of everything. As kids, it was a thrill to play the role of hero. Now, though, I play the game and demand to know why everyone thought it was a good idea to let these babies save the world on their own. Even the “baddies” are always astonished at seeing a kid beat them in a Pokemon battle. The kid is lucky that the bad guys are honest enough to accept defeat that way.

Well, if they didn’t accept defeat then the kid’s Pokemon would just kill the bad guys. Simple. And let’s be real – we all win because we save the game right before the battle just in case.

Haha! Bringing the topic back to the stories, though, which one do you think was the better scenario? Team Rocket trying to take over Kanto? Team Rocket’s return in Johto? Team Aqua versus Team Magma in Hoenn? Team Galactic trying to… what, make a new universe? Team Plasma trying to… free all Pokemon while battling with them? Team Flare trying to destroy the world to make it beautiful again? Team Skull weren’t even the main “bad guys” for the Alola region, they were just there for comic relief while the president of the Aether Foundation goes bat-shit crazy…

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Honestly, I think I have to go with the Alola region. I feel like the story was the most fleshed out and then even more so in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon (even though it was more or less the same). I really loved Team Skull. If anything, they were just kind of a side quest or distraction from the main issues of the world. It was more in depth than the other Pokemon games, in my opinion. However, I miss Team Rocket.

I feel as if many of the Alolan characters had fleshed out personalities (except for our character always smiling like a dork). I think I definitely preferred the plot lines from Kanto and Johto the most, especially Yellow and Crystal. Team Rocket was great, and the idea of going against Legendary Pokemon was still so new at that point. It was a treat to go and search for Mewtwo or track down the three beasts throughout the Johto region. Now there are Legendary Pokemon everywhere, especially with giveaways and such, that the stories revolving around them in newer games just doesn’t seem as special to me.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
That’s fair and I totally agree with that. Kanto and Johto were fantastic with Team Rocket. Character development and such though, I definitely have to go with Alola. Then again, all the stories in Pokemon are great in their own way.

Out of all the Pokemon main games, which story is your favorite to play in? Let us know in the comments below!

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