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Double Jump Kris MiiHappy Monday everyone!
I’m amused at all the “classic” editions of consoles popping up. Miniature versions of the original consoles, these classic ones are more Rachel’s and my size!  
So. The PlayStation Classic. It’s coming out December 3rd for about 100 bucks with 20 games, two wired controllers and an HDMI cable to connect the console to the television. It does not include a USB AC adapter to, you know, power the console on.
(Which I really don’t understand? Nintendo’s NES Classic also didn’t include an AC adapter, which baffled my mind. Granted, we have the SNES Classic’s adapter, but still. Did Nintendo assume everyone would already have that? Does Sony assume everyone would have that? I’m not even sure if the SNES Classic’s adapter would work with the PlayStation Classic–and I’ll stop ranting about this.)
We actually had an original PlayStation when we were younger — and still do, actually, it’s chilling in a storage box with a few other decades-old consoles — but it wasn’t a console we used too often.


I completely forgot we even HAD the Final Fantasy games VIII and IX before I dug all these out for a picture! I have no memory of them.

Our collection of PlayStation games wasn’t that extensive. I’m certain the games we mostly played were the Spyro trilogy (and Peter Pan: Return to Neverland… I seem to remember that one). Taking a look at the list of 20 games that will be on the PlayStation Classic, there’s not much there for us. While there are plenty of titles I recognize — rather, I’ve recognized the titles of their sequels or spiritual successors — the only game on the Classic that I’ve actually tried playing before would be Final Fantasy VII.
We’re pretty certain this is a classic console that we’ll skip. I wonder, how much nostalgic does it have for people who regularly played the original?

Are you interested in the PlayStation Classic? Is it worth it to you?

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  1. The console comes with the USB cable to power the machine, just not the wall adaptor. Any phone adaptor released in the last few years will work fine and most TVs now have a USB port or two on them. I’m not saying its the right call to not include one but everyone probably has two or three lying around their house not in use.
    As for my interest level… I’m not. Despite being a big fan of the original system, I just can’t muster up the excitement for this box when I have so many other, better ways to play PSOne games and a better library is available elsewhere.

    • Ah, I suppose that makes sense. Still, for the price they’re asking and, considering the reaction I’ve seen on the classic console itself, the game selection, I would think they’d include all the pieces. You’re right, though, despite technology becoming more and more wireless, everyone probably has the extra cords or two around.
      I’ve heard so much disappointment about the game library. If the Classic had a better library, would you have been more interested in it?

  2. I look forward to making a guest appearance on your upcoming PS1 Aladdin, Tarzan, and Peter Pan streams where you shame me for not having watched enough Disney movies (popcorn emoji)

  3. They dropped the ball with the games. If I do get it it would be just to hack it and add my own games. But the funnier thing is how they using an emulator made by the fans. That tells me this was a lazy job. What a joke. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Yes, I heard about the open source emulator… Wouldn’t an open source emulator help drop the price? Or were PlayStation games always a bit on the pricier side? What games would you hack into it if you do get one?

      • An open source emulator means that it didn’t cost much for Sony putting this together. Back in the day they weren’t any pricier than N64 titles. What games would I put on the PS1 Classic. Final Fantasy IX, Final Fantasy Tactics, Chrono Cross, Mega Man X, Driver, Need For Speed III: Hot Pursuit, WipEout, and probably a whole lot more if I could.

  4. Hey Kris,
    I was looking for a way to play PS games on my mobile, and found ps3mobi. Its a nice emulator. Now anyone can play ps games on their mobile. No need to buy any fancy device. Yes, now new PS devices price should drop down!

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