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Double Jump Kris MiiHappy Monday everyone!
It’s been a little while, but I hope everyone is doing well. Summer is just about over and, honestly, I’m excited for cooler weather and being able to get back into a routine with blogging and gaming. So, today, we’re chatting about podcasts because why not.
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Rachel and I had a pretty busy summer. I hope everyone else has had a great summer, one where you all were healthy and productive! With September, Rachel and I are doing our best to get back into our writing routines, especially for our blogs.
Of course, we’re always trying to expand our creativity, and something that has always popped up in our minds is a podcast (because we totally don’t have enough on our plates). Granted, we’re not planning on doing a podcast anytime soon, but the idea has always been there. Finding additional ways to reach out to more people and share our love of video games and geeky things is always in the back of our minds.
Podcasts started being a thing in 2004 and now there are a plethora of websites and apps dedicated to listening to podcasts. Our friend Justin runs an awesome podcast called The Game N’ Watch Podcast over on Podbean, for example. Spotify is another example, and has been increasing their podcast selections. Considering my music tastes — movies and video game soundtracks, game covers, and instrumentals, mostly — many of the podcasts that Spotify recommends to me have to do with film, gaming, and Dungeons & Dragons (in fact, one is called “Not Another D&D Podcast”).
Recently, I saw an article that had uncovered a potential new feature in the Spotify app that has to do with publishing a podcast. Supposedly, creating and publishing a podcast on Spotify will be as simple as the push of a button. While the simplicity will be fantastic for people trying to reach wider audiences, it may flood the platform with too many podcasts. On that note, who knows if there will be anything filtering the podcasts, if they have to go through the proper channels before being able to be listened to by the masses. If there is no regulation, it could create chaos.
Still, podcasts are a wonderful way to reach out to others and share information or opinions. They’re reminiscent to the old radio talk shows from decades ago, coming back in an upgraded medium.

What podcasts do you recommend? Let me know in the comments below! If you liked this post, please share it around.

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  1. Podcasts are awesome! I discovered them during a time when I was working a monotonous job and they really helped me get through the days. Loved the sensation of listening into my “friends” having conversations about topics I was interested in. Or sometimes, I’d veer into random stuff and discover something I didn’t know about before.
    As for a podcast I’d recommend, check out Stream Coach by Ashnichrist. She has on a lot of guests in the streaming and online content creation community and they talk about ways of improving your own output
    Doing them is great too! I started a quasi Q&A show with a friend and former radio broadcasting classmate many moons ago. Mat, Jason, and I really bonded over the podcast we used to do on Splitkick.
    Making them at a consistent pace is the real challenge, especially since I’m incredibly anal about audio production quality. It would take me more time to edit out loud breaths and awkward pauses than it took to record the thing. Would love to do another one if the right opportunity arose. Boss Rush sort of scratches that itch, but scheduling that in is really hard and the show format itself has warped into something more dependent on video.

    • Ohhh, I would LOVE it if I could listen to podcasts during my day job! Unfortunately, I’m stuck reading Yahoo articles and playing web Sudoku, “pretending” I’m working when there’s nothing to do. If I had my own little office, I would probably be able to swing a podcast. 😉
      Thank you for the recommendation. I’ll check it out the next time Rachel and I are doing a big batch of blog posts! Are there any remnants of Splitkick? Is that one of the main reasons why you guys started doing Boss Rush?

      • When Jim shut down Splitkick, he took the server offline and relinquished the domain. You can still see some snapshots of the site on the Wayback Machine if you search for splitkick.com, but it’s largely gone.
        I have republished a few of my old Splitkick reviews on my blog. The rest of my Splitkick work I probably have in Google Docs. Maybe I’ll republish those someday as well.
        I still have all of Jason, Mat, and I’s old podcast episodes stored on my computer. If you’re interested, I can zip them up and send them over. Jason and I actually met IRL during the show’s run, so I’m pretty sure we discuss that encounter in detail in one of those episodes. At some point, I would love to put that stuff online for archival purposes, but it doesn’t make sense to pay for podcast hosting for those old shows, and it’s a big job to convert everything into videos.
        That old podcast was certainly an inspiration for Boss Rush. After Splitkick shut down and we decided to not continue the podcast independently, we stopped talking for a number of years. When I started streaming, I saw it as an opportunity to work with them again. Then we added some more friends along the way 😉
        Actually, the oddest Splitkick reference is still out there. Not sure if you remember Indie Game: The Movie, but I wrote the Splitkick review for it and it ended up getting quoted on the movie’s official site!

  2. Go for a podcast to expand your brand. I would listen to your podcast

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