Pokemon Art Academy Review

Double Jump Kris MiiHello everyone!
Being Pokemon month, Rachel and I decided to play through some of the Pokemon side games that we haven’t picked up in a while. The one I chose was Pokemon Art Academy for the 3DS, a game that I nearly forgot existed.
Title: Pokemon Art Academy
Company: Headstrong Games, Nintendo
Release Date: October 24, 2014 in NA
Console: Nintendo 3DS
How I got the game: Rachel bought it and I borrowed it for the review.
Warning — there may be story spoilers!
Pokemon Art Academy is rather simple in its gameplay. There’s not much of a story, except that you play as a character going to an art school to create Pokemon trading cards. At the school you learn various techniques when it comes to drawing the creatures, advancing through classes and developing your skills along the way.
The game consists of teaching you step by step on how to draw Pokemon. The touchscreen of the DS is liberally used as the stylus (or your finger) takes the place of whatever art medium you are using, such as pastels and paintbrushes. The beginning stages have you draw portraits of Pokemon, simple pictures that utilize common shapes such as circles. Later lessons teach you about techniques such as shading and opacity, along with having a freehand sketches. Unlike other Art Academy titles, Pokemon Art Academy showed various techniques that are used in digital drawings — such as layers and an undo button — rather than mimicking traditional mediums on a digital platform.
The graphics and music were both charming in this game. The graphics were simplified, being a nice contrast to your drawings, showcasing your art rather than being flashy with its own designs. Likewise, the music was always relaxing with the occasional sound effects used to mimic the art mediums you were using, such as the squeak of the pastel chalk, as you went about creating your art.
Pokemon Art Academy has over 40 art lessons and, while some of them can get tedious for someone like my age (because, honestly, the game is aimed towards players about twenty years younger than me), I did have fun with it. I had always liked to draw when I was younger and it was nice to get back into it a little with this game.
While the lessons don’t change, there’s enough of a variety to amuse yourself with for a while. There was also a Free Paint Mode where you can draw whatever you wish, giving the game a bit more replay value than just going straight through the lessons. It’s a cute game to just sit back and relax with if you have a few minutes to spare.

Pokemon Art Academy gets…
Video game review: 3 Lives
3 out of 5 lives.

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Readers Comments (3)

  1. I’m assuming it works fine with the 3DS touchpad and stylus? Do you think you could take anything you learned from the lessons and apply them to real pen & paper?

    • It worked just fine on mine! I was using my original 3DS console, but Rachel and I recently got the new 2DS XL consoles, so I want to try it out on there at some point too. Many of the step-by-step lessons did start off with little tips that I’ve learned while growing up, such as starting your sketches with basic circles and other shapes to give the picture a “skeleton” to help it stand. As mentioned, the game is definitely geared towards an audience that is probably about 15 to 20 years younger than me, and I kind of wished I had a little game like this back then when I used to draw more often. I feel as if I would have learned a lot.

  2. Great review! I didn’t pick this up, but I would have played it given the chance. I played the original Art Academy. I didn’t like it too much, but I might have enjoyed it if I was taught how to draw characters I love.

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