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Rachel Mii Double JumpPart one of my journey is complete!
I challenged myself to play through all the Pokemon regions before Sun and Moon come out in November.
I played Pokemon Blue, starting at the very roots of the series. I have officially made it through the Kanto region.

Pokemon Blue Kanto Rachel Poli

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Title: Pokemon Blue
Company: Nintendo
Console: Gameboy
How I got the game: I have the Gameboy cartridge, but I downloaded the game from the 3DS’s Nintendo E-Shop.
My Review:
I was only two-years-old when Pokemon Blue first came out for the Gameboy in February 1996. I always watched Kris play the games, but by the time I was ready to play them myself (not that I was any good at it) Pokemon Gold and Silver had already come out in November 1999.
I started in the Johto region and while I’ve played FireRed and LeafGreen, I always wanted to play the games from the very beginning.
Considering the game came out in early 1996, the graphics aren’t that bad. The actual layout of each town and route looks the same as the other games, more or less, other than being in black and white. The sprites of the Pokemon are… interesting, to say the least. Most of the Pokemon look creepy or they’re really fat or they’re abnormally large.
But it’s fun to play in such an old school setting.
Pokemon music is the best. Listening to nostalgic Pokemon music is even better. Unless it’s Lavender Town.
The controls in this game are definitely different compared to the controls in the newer games. For example, instead of just standing in front of a tree and pressing the “A” button, you have to stand in front of the tree, open the menu, click Pokemon, then find the Pokemon who knows the move Cut. Then tell them to use it. There’s a lot of unnecessary steps.
There’s a limited amount of items you can hold at one time. I had no idea that was a thing. You don’t know how many people yelled at me when they tried to give me things.
Also… The walking. I don’t know how people used to play the games without the running shoes.
Like every other Pokemon game, you play the “hero.” While trying to “catch them all” and “be the very best” you must save the entire world and the whole Pokemon species from Team Rocket. Which is not something you signed up for.
Yet it’s a classic.
This game is hard. I remember it took me about 24 hours (or something around there) to complete Pokemon X. When I hit 24 hours on Pokemon Blue I was just going up against the sixth gym badge in Fushia City.
I didn’t realize how much grinding there needed to be before and after the first gym badge. In between the other badges, there was enough trainers and side story to level up, but I think it took me five hours alone just to get to the first gym. Whether that’s normal or just me, I don’t know.
I know this is the first game in the series, but this is a great starting point for people who are just starting out on Pokemon. There are no abilities, no genders–therefore no breeding–trading isn’t as easy and common as it is now… All you really need to know are the types of the Pokemon and the move types. And, if you’re new to Pokemon, that can take a while to learn. I still forget sometimes and I’ve been playing these games for most of my life.
Either way, it was great to start at the roots of the Pokemon series. I feel accomplished that I have finally played through the very first game of the Kanto region.

Pokemon Blue gets…
5 lives double jump5 out of 5 lives.

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  1. Excellent review! Replaying Pokemon Blue for Virtual Console reminded me how slow and outdated its user interface was. Having to manage items was the worst. Switching between boxes and not knowing which Pokemon where inside (especially if nicknamed) was also painful. And you’re right.. it’s so slow to walk. And I agree, it’s definitely hard even without all of these inconveniences. Unless you grind, Misty is one of the hardest gym leaders, even with Bulbusaur! Yet, this game still holds a special place in my heart as my first RPG and introduction to one of my favorite franchises!
    Interesting journey you have set up for yourself. I wish you the best of luck in getting through every region, and am interested to see what you think as you go progress through generations!

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