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Double Jump Kris MiiWhen Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are released later this year, there will be nearly 30 core Pokemon games. While these games grant the player the ability to explore an entire region with whatever Pokemon teams they can imagine, sometimes the usual “defeat-the-bad-guys-and-become-the-champion” plot line can get a bit old. To alleviate┬áthat, there are some challenges out there and one of the most famous is the Nuzlocke Challenge.
The Nuzlocke Challenge was created only about seven years ago by a college student whose finals weren’t difficult enough to warrant the need for him to study. He restarted his Pokemon Ruby game and, to make things a little more challenging, gave himself two rules for his new run:

  1. Only the first Pokemon encountered in an area can be caught.
  2. If the Pokemon faints, it is considered dead and must be released or boxed for the remainder of the run.

By using these two rules, players not only end up caring even more for their Pokemon — since every hit could be their last — but it also forces players to use Pokemon that they normally would overlook. Plenty of other optional rules have been added to the players’ liking, such as nicknaming the Pokemon to increase affection for them, never using healing items, never using Pokemon Centers, duplicate clauses, and plenty more.
The original Nuzlocke challenger ended up drawing simple comics to document his adventures, and it’s become something of a phenomenon. There have been plenty of Nuzlocke comics that I’ve followed in the past, especially ones where the artists delve even deeper into the stories of the games to create fantastic plots. It’s also such a joy to watch the artist’s skills evolve (pun totally intended) the longer the comic goes on.
Some of my favorite Nuzlocke comics include:

What do you think of Nuzlockes? Have you ever done a Nuzlocke run on your Pokemon games?

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