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Another month has come and gone.
We’re getting closer to the release date of Pokemon Sun and Moon as we wrap up the Sinnoh region.
Pokemon Platinum Double Jump Game Review
Title: Pokemon Platinum
Company: Nintendo
Console: Nintendo DS
How I got the game: I bought it
My Review:
After Diamond and Pearl, this game was the first Pokemon game to be released on the Nintendo DS. So, at the time, I was amazed at how well done the graphics were. Sure, your character was still a tiny pixelated sprite, but the backgrounds and colors were still an improvement compared to the games before it.
Platinum gets a one up from the other Pokemon games mainly because the DS became a thing. Now that the touch screen was invented and used for the game, Pokemon battles became a little faster with just one touch. They used the touch screen in a great way for the battles and chose a unique way to use it when you’re not battling, by giving your character the Poketch, a Pokemon watch with various apps on it.
The story is more or less the same as the other Pokemon games. The only difference is that you’re up against a different group of bad guys and you’re in a different setting battling with different Pokemon. But, the story is what makes Pokemon Pokemon.
Pokemon Pearl was the first Pokemon game that I completed all the way through. So playing Platinum, despite the minor differences between the two games, was like taking a stroll down memory lane. I absolutely love using the touch screen as a means for battle and I don’t know about any of you, but the step counter was always my favorite app on the Poketch. I don’t know why, but I just loved watching the numbers go up; especially when you’re on the bike trying to hatch an egg.

Pokemon Platinum gets…
5 lives double jump5 out of 5 lives.

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  1. That’s one of my favorite generations, mostly because it introduced a lot of amazing online features, so I love Platinum. It’s an excellent game.

  2. Excellent review Rachel! I really enjoyed Platinum as THE definitive version of Diamond and Pearl, which I’ve always thought was an underrated generation. I loved the apps on the bottom touch screen Poketch too. I’m surprised Pokemon Pearl was your very first completed Pokemon, but it is a great one to have a first completion memory for too. They’re next on the remake radar, so who knows? Maybe we’ll see them sometime soon?

    • Thanks! I think I always just found Sinnoh to be easier than the regions before it. I breezed right through Pearl. I also had the incentive of Pokemon Ranch on the Wii, lol.

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