Pokemon SoulSilver

Rachel Mii Double JumpPart two of my journey is finished!
In anticipation for Pokemon Sun and Moon, I’ve been playing through all the games in generation order. I played Pokemon Blue last month and continued my journey through the Johto region in Pokemon SoulSilver.

Pokemon SoulSilver Double Jump Review

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Title: Pokemon SoulSilver
Company: Nintendo
Console: Nintendo DS
How I got the game: I bought it
My Review:
I wanted to have a blast from the past and play Pokemon Crystal, Gold, or Silver, but those cartridges didn’t work anymore. It was a sad day when I discovered that.
So, I had to restart my SoulSilver game which is a great game as well.
Being a Nintendo DS game, the graphics are pretty well done. The colors are bright, the sprites are much easier to see as people than little colorful dots, and the designs of the buildings, towns, and routes are pretty and well thought out.
Even though the DS games are fairly recent compared to the 3DS, it was funny to see just how different the graphics were compared to now.
Just like all the other Pokemon games, the controls are very simple to use. Compared to the older games, the controls are even easier. Since it’s for the DS, SoulSilver uses the touch screen quite often. Or, I do anyway.
I wonder how different the gameplay would be if I was able to play Crystal?
Catch ’em all, become the very best there ever was, and defeat Team Rocket in between to save the world. Same story, different day. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Honestly, though. I don’t think Pokemon even needs a plot. I always try to catch them all. That’s enough gameplay for me, despite how much I love Team Rocket.
I don’t remember too much of Pokemon Crystal since I played it a very, very long time ago. I played Pokemon HeartGold just three years ago. I started it over and beat it in just a couple of days while I was on vacation. Since SoulSilver is more or less the same game, I remembered most of the game.
I love being able to have my Pokemon follow me around everywhere I go and that I can talk to them. I think that has to be my favorite aspect of the game. I also love how you don’t need to hold down the “B” button to run. You just push a button on the touch screen and you can turn the running on and off.
And while I didn’t use the Pokewalker this time around, I used it when the games first came out and absolutely loved it. I only wish I could carry a real Pokedex around with me and have six Pokemon with me all at once in real life.
I will never get tired of playing this game.

Pokemon SoulSilver gets…
5 lives double jump5 out of 5 lives.

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  1. Great review! Pokemon walking behind you is one of my favorite little details that I hope one day returns. I imagine it’s hard to get all the models properly especially factoring in Pokemon size and sheer quantity of creatures come Sun/Moon. Even in HG/SS, all Pokemon were pretty much the size of a trainer when seen from above. Even so, the battles and graphics are getting so complex in these games so maybe one day, they will catch up and implement following Pokemon again.

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