Pokemon Y Review

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Happy Thursday!
Here we are with another Pokemon review. I’ve reviewed one main game from each region.
Here is the Kalos region for Pokemon Y. Then it’s off to the Alola region!
Pokemon Y game review
Title: Pokemon Y
Company: Nintendo
Console: Nintendo 3DS
How I got the game: I bought it
My Review:
The graphics for this game was amazing! When I first turned it on upon buying the game when it came out, I remember being in awe. I remember seeing the trailer and commercials for the game and I was so excited for the graphics alone.
The 3D characters, no longer sprites, were fun to see, especially interacting with the other trainers in the game. The Pokemon Amie alone was certainly impressive. And, for once, the sizes for each Pokemon varied as they should be.
For the most part, the controls for this game was the same as any other Pokemon game. There were a few added features, such as the roller skates with the circle pad. Of course, I found that a bit annoying at some times. I would often accidentally put on my roller skates when I didn’t want to. But the fact that we could move diagonally was a plus.
Like most Pokemon games, your main goal is to become a Pokemon master; fill up that Pokedex and become the Champion. Bad guys get in the way of course, so you have to save the world on top of everything else.
What made this story different from the rest was that you had a group of friends to help back you up. You didn’t have the one close friend that also served as your rival, there are four other people. While I miss having the jerk rival, I loved having the group of friends. It was fun running into one or two of them in various locations and battling with or against them. I also liked how there was a mixture of boys and girls, no matter whether you choose to play as the boy or girl.
I think the Kalos region is one of my favorites. The Pokemon are awesome, the region design is beautiful and easy to navigate, and the characters and the story is fun to follow. I think, especially with the graphics, this is one of the better games. And, at the time of this review, I can’t wait to see what Sun and Moon have in store for us.

Pokemon Y gets…
5 out of 5 lives.

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