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Last week, I did a post regarding Nintendo thinking of making movies with their beloved mascots. There are already some movies and television shows starring video game characters, such as Professor Layton, whom we spoke about back in February.

Professor Layton is a series of mystery puzzle-solving games by Level-5. They’re fun and challenging and the characters are so loveable. Apparently they made a cartoon movie with these characters in a brand new mystery. I found it from Amazon. It was six bucks so I bought it on a whim.

It was awesome seeing Rachel buy something on an impulse like that. Usually I’m the one having a hard time keeping my wallet closed, but as soon as Rachel saw it, she burst out with, “I’M GETTING IT,” and we watched it probably a week later. For a movie based on a video game, it wasn’t too bad!

I think the characters definitely stayed true to themselves as portrayed in the video games. The puzzles themselves in the movie were fun as well. We tried to figure them out alongside the characters, sometimes being right, sometimes being wrong. It was interactive and you didn’t know who the bad guy truly was until the end.

Of course near the end Rachel and I were both tearing up. We don’t care that it was an animated movie — it was still sensitive enough to make us sniffle, and it proves how invested in the characters we were. One part of the Professor Layton games that we always enjoy are the cut scenes, so to see all the characters in action was fun!

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Well, the ending did have a great twist. It was a bittersweet twist. But that just made the mystery all the better.

I agree. There were some really silly parts, but it seemed true to the characters and the world that they’re in. The movie made us wish that there were more coming out to enjoy.

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I looked it up. They were thinking of making another movie at once point. Whether they’ll go through with it or not remains a mystery. As long as they keep coming out with the games I’ll be happy.

Have you ever seen this movie or knew it existed? Do you like the Professor Layton series?

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  1. This was a great movie! I always thought that Professor Layton would make a great movie ever since seeing its “Triplets of Belleville” artstyle and exciting cutscenes. This movie delivers by not just providing a good Layton plot, but even offering puzzles throughout. The part in the movie where Puzzle 001 appears and they start playing puzzle music is a fantastic nod to its source material. Great dialogue about a fun anime film!

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