Rachel's Favorite Games Played In 2018

Rachel's Favorite Games Played in 2018 | Video Games | Gaming | New Year | DoublexJump.com
10. Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime
This was a game for the Xbox One that Kris and I played with two of our friends. We didn’t get the chance to beat the game, but it was a 4-player co-op game and it was a lot of fun to play with others. It was stressful but we had a good time.
9. A Case of Distrust
This is a visual novel-like game. It’s a mystery with satisfying music and cool visuals. This is a short game and it was slow to get into the story, but it was a good game nonetheless.
8. Miles & Kilo
I had a lot of fun playing this game. Miles & Kilo are trying to fix their ship. Kilo, the dog, automatically runs at top speed and you have to jump a precise moments. It’s a fun, satisfying game and harder than it seems.
7. Overcooked 2
This is another game Kris and I love to play with our friends. We love the first game and a lot new mechanics were added to the second game. This game is so frustrating and stressful, but it’s a good one.
6. The Lion’s Song
A point-and-click sort of game, The Lion’s Song tells a wonderful story through the eyes of four different characters. Each character is a creative – an artist, musician, mathematician, and a writer. Each of their stories are told within the same world and they all intertwine. It’s a great story-telling game and I hope there’s more some day.
5. The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures
Kris and I streamed this Gamecube game on our Twitch channel. It’s a game we played a long time ago and it was awesome to get the chance to play it again. It’s no secret we love The Legend of Zelda so having a co-op Zelda game is great.
4. Luigi’s Mansion
This is one of my favorite games. I was able to get the Gamecube going and play the game again but also having the ability to play it on the 3DS was a treat. I enjoyed the updated graphics and just getting the chance to play the game again regardless of whether I was able to get the Gamecube to work or not.
3. Detective Pikachu
This is a game that I had been looking forward to for a long time. I was so excited to finally get the chance to play the game when it came out. I don’t normally pre-order games for myself, but I did with this one. It was a nice change of pace from the typical Pokemon games. I love Pokemon and mysteries, so it was so much fun to experience this one.
2. Super Smash Brothers Ultimate
I mean, I don’t know if I need to explain this one. This is another game that I have been eagerly awaiting for a so long. There were some things, such as the Spirit mode, that I was iffy about, but now that I’ve played the game, I’ve fallen in love with every bit of it.
1. Let’s Go Eevee!
Let’s Go Pikachu goes along with this one, but I technically haven’t played the Pikachu version yet. I’m so happy to have the chance to visit the Kanto region once again. I love having my Pokemon follow me around and I can ride and interact with them. It’s awesome to see Kanto in a new light and I can’t wait to complete my Pokedex and go shiny hunting!

What are some of your favorite games that you’ve played in 2018? Have you played any of the games I listed? Let me know in the comments below!

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Readers Comments (4)

  1. We have a copy of Detective Pikachu at the house. Need to get around to that one before the movie comes out. Also enjoyed playing Lovers in a Dangerous Space Time with my family last Christmas.
    Thanks to watching you play it on stream, Luigi’s Mansion is officially on my bucket list. One of these days I’ll pick up a copy and give it an honest try!

    • Detective Pikachu is kid-ish, but I loved it. It’s Pokemon and a mystery, lol.
      I’ll be interested to watch you play Luigi’s Mansion! I’m hoping to finish that on stream soon.

  2. I’ve barely had time to play any games this year, much less new releases. But I’ve been enjoying Disgaea 1 Complete a lot. Technically it’s a remake/remaster of a 2003 game, but that still counts, right?

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