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According to Nintendo News, there’s talk about this new app called Rainway for the Switch console. With this app, players will be able to stream their PC games directly onto the Switch console. There’s not much information regarding the app, but I thought it was an interesting find nonetheless. We’ve been getting into PC gaming a bit more lately, having a nice desktop and an almost-never used laptop for our PC games, but the thought of playing something like Stardew Valley on the Switch’s portable screen sounds like an interesting development.

Considering how heavy most gaming laptops are — as beautiful as they can be with their lovely graphics and sound systems — creating an app for the Switch that’ll showcase it’s portability seems like a good move by Nintendo. Rainway definitely seems like something we should keep our eye on. Not only that, but being able to dock the Switch and play the games on a larger television? That sounds good to us.

What do you all think of this idea? Are you excited about the prospect of playing PC games directly on the Switch, or are you good with your beloved gaming PC? If you don’t play PC games, does this kind of news think maybe you’ll start?

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  1. It would be cool if this works. I’m doubtful given my experience with something like the Steam Link. Although it provided my lag free gaming on LAN, video quality at times was less than desirable, and frame rates would take a hit.
    Given that the switch is pretty much exclusively dependant on wireless, it could bode worse.

    1. Normally, I use my Steam Link (hardwired), or in bed I use my Macbook using In-Home Streaming with a controller hooked up. I rarely play on my actual gaming PC anymore! It works very well when wireless but the Macbook has a great wireless card and my home network is really solid. I just can’t expect that level of speed and low latency on the Switch.
      I also don’t expect this to make it on to the eShop anymore… especially not if it’s going to be free.

  2. Hm, interesting. I’m really surprised this is happening since it doesn’t sound very Nintendo-like. I’d love to play any game on the portable Switch, though I’m just baffled by the news that Nintendo would allow this.

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