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Rachel and I have our money set aside for the Switch and the couple of games and accessories we want when we actually do get the console. However, as many of you probably guessed, we are a bit antsy when it comes to actually finding and buying the newest Nintendo console. Our solution? Buying other random video game related stuff.

I’m sure you all remember that we impulse buy once in a while so last week was no different. I went onto Amazon and noticed the Pokedex for Pokemon Sun and Moon was coming out soon. The hardcover was pretty, but I opted to get the paperback because it was cheaper and there wasn’t too much of a difference. The paperback was about $25, but the pre-order price was $15. So naturally, I had to get it.

It was a bit strange for Rachel to do a little impulse buying when she’s usually the one with the level head regarding our budget, haha! Since she got the Pokedex, she didn’t disagree with me when I bought the Legend of Zelda: Arts and Artifacts. We saw the Arts and Artifacts book sitting pretty on the shelves when we went on our weekly excursion to Barnes and Noble. I would have bought it right then if I hadn’t checked Amazon on my phone. Considering that the book was half the price on Amazon, I didn’t waste any time clicking “add to cart.”

Amazon is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? I know I can get the Pokedex online, but I love flipping through the pages and reading about more secrets of the game. And having the whole Art and Artifacts book for Zelda is gorgeous. Heavy, but beautiful.

Video game art is honestly one of my favorite aspects of the industry. It’s just amazing to me how people create and invent entire worlds and settings with graphics and art! Being able to immerse ourselves in the art of the video game worlds is wonderful too. Having more images of Pokemon and Hyrule scenery is right up my alley.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
It is amazing the things artists can do. It’s something I could only hope to be able to do, but I know drawing isn’t exactly my forte.

Practice, practice, practice! Hey, despite our random purchases, I was pretty proud of us for walking by GameStop the other day at the mall. Goodness knows how lighter my wallet would have been if we had walked in there!

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Proud of us? You were headed straight for there but ended up following me as I entered a different store. You’re welcome.

How often do you randomly buy video game things? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I also picked up the Arts & Artifacts book last week. The size of it is incredible. I couldn’t believe it is even bigger than the Hyrule Histora. I opted for the Standard cover because it blended better with the Hyrule Historia. If the Special Edition had more to offer than a fancy cover, I would have got it instead

    • It’s huge and heavy, I know! I think both editions are pretty, but I agree. Also, the price of the standard edition was pretty pricey enough.

  2. Video game books tend to be amazing in general, be it guide, artbook, or combination of the two. Besides placing all the wonderful hardcover collector’s game guides on my bookshelf, I display them as coffee table books. Arts and Artifacts in particular is one of the best books that I’ve gotten thus far. It’s huge and all artwork. It complements the Hyrule Historia nicely.
    Other than that, I buy random video game things often, especially if they’re useful things that my wife and I can use. A couple of weeks ago, we picked up some water tumblers themed after Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon. They’re fun to drink from!

  3. I used to buy the prima guides for the pokemon series a while back. They were awesome to have as collector items as well as helping with finding certain pokemon. Its funny that you mention stopping yourselves going into gamestop. At times when me and my sister have gone past eb games she will pull me away comically as i start to gravitate towards the store.

    • I still collect the game guides when I can. I actually went through all the ones I have just yesterday. I even have a guide for Pokemon Stadium!
      And Gamestop can be a dangerous store, lol.

      • Thats awesome! Wow the pokemon stadium one? I never knew one existed for that game. My oldest one is from leafgreen and firered, while it isnt in the best condition (cos we were kids at the time) its still nice to have and look at.

        • I didn’t either until I came across it!
          Firered and Leafgreen is one I don’t have, but I really want! I have most of the main games and would love to collect them all. But the ones I don’t have are so old that you can’t find them anymore.

          • If i find it, i’ll show you what it looks like! It was so useful for catching and evolving pokemon back then while serebii was still forging ahead with their website. I’m sure if you look on ebay or game collectibles website that you will eventually find one!

          • I have looked on Ebay. I just can’t spend the money at the moment. Or, I shouldn’t at least, lol.

          • That’s always the dilemma isn’t it? Lol

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