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When we do game reviews, we play as much of the game as we can before actually writing the review, but there are definitely games that we’ve never finished and enjoy going back to play. If you’re a reviewer, you know the feeling of wanting to play the new games and write about them while they’re relevant. The problem with that is that some really great games that you’ve enjoyed get pushed onto the back burner.

Writing reviews is great and all, but it definitely can sometimes take the fun out of certain games – mostly because of the deadline. We actually haven’t been playing many new games lately because we went back to a couple of older ones – even though one is technically a new game. One game we went back to is New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe. Of course, this is a new port of an old game, but I’ve always enjoyed these platformers, especially if you have good friends to play them with. These Mario games are generally all the same, but they’re fun to go back to anyway.

The Mario platformers aren’t my favorite type of game, but they are fun to play with the right crowd. Another game we’ve been playing more lately is Octopath Traveler. It was one of my favorite games of 2018 and it’s nice to make time for it so we can actually finish the game. Still in the middle of all the chapter threes, but we’re getting there!

We got a good chunk into Octopath Traveler before writing our review. Once the review was over, we stopped playing for a while to play some other games. We recently got back to this game when Kris got the original soundtrack for Christmas. Now we’ve been really making great progress on the game, which is pushing other games to the back burner.

Of course, now that we recently watched a Pokemon movie, now I’m itching to play Pokemon some more, haha! Another franchise that we haven’t played in a while which I’m getting nostalgic for is the Professor Layton series. The last time we played one of those games was for a review back in 2016! We even got the Lady Layton game when it came out in 2017 and have yet to give it a try.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Oh, right! I definitely want to get back to those games soon. We need a day or two when we’re both home all day to play those games though. We get really into them and it’s hard to stop in the middle of a case. I know Layton isn’t set up like that, but with Ace Attorney, each case gets longer. Another game is, of course, Breath of the Wild. We still haven’t beaten the DLC for the game yet. Regardless of that though, I just want to go back into that world and explore some more.

Breath of the Wild’s world is amazing and is probably one of the few games that I would have no problem returning to without a main story to follow. Of course, many Legend of Zelda games I enjoy playing again. Having the familiarity of Link and whatever version of Hyrule he happens to be in is fantastic. They’re comfort games, if you will, to me.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Comfort games is a good title for it. Any of these games can be comfort games. They’re just fun to go back to. These stories and worlds tend to stay with us.

What are some games you’ve played and would love to go back to whether you beat it or not? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. There is a Lady Layton game? Huh… I’ll have to look for that one, I liked the Layton games I had played so that could be one I could get in to.
    I too am currently revisiting New Super Mario Bros. U in the Deluxe format. I really enjoyed the game when it originally launched with the WiiU and I’m enjoying it again this time around.
    As for games I like to return to, Rock Band and Guitar Hero are always a joy to go back to for me, regardless of if I play the campaign or not. Tetris and other puzzle games like Peggle or Bejewled also work well for me. And also NHL ’94, which sees me going back and playing it every once in a while.

  2. Most of my comfort games are the ones from my childhood that I revisit on a regular basis. Games like Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, or Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door tend to get played at least once every couple of years, particularly during slow times when I don’t have other games to be playing.

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