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Double Jump Kris MiiWhile doing a little research for this post, I realized that there is apparently a site dedicated to gambling games also called Regency Gaming. This post is not about that particular store. On that note, I hope everyone has a great start to their week!

Ever hear of Regency Gaming?
Rachel and I took a little weekend trip just to get away one last time for the summer with our parents, and part of where we went included some outlet stores. In this vast mall, Rachel and I wandered around, bought a couple of new puzzles to add to our collection (four new Thomas Kincade Disney-inspired puzzles and a map of Tolkien’s Middle-Earth), and came upon a gaming store called Regency Gaming.
I have never been socked with so much nostalgia in my life.
The store wasn’t brightly lit or anything — rather, it was decorated in grays and muted hues, showcasing the video game memorabilia that adorned their walls, shelves, and cases. There were a couple of times as I was gazing at the SNES consoles and the NES games for sale that I asked Rachel, “Are you old enough to remember these?”
Most of her responses were, “Barely.”
It was a nice walk down memory lane, and if I had the money, I may have bought a few things just for nostalgic’s sake.
Of course, the store had a few newer products as well, such as chargers, gaming headphones, games from the most recent consoles, but the history of gaming was the main point of the place, and it was glorious.

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  1. I love game stores, particularly ones with retro games and consoles. I was lucky enough to used to live near a bunch of retro game stores that were well-stocked. I got numerous things from there for my collection too! With regards to hosting a history of gaming, I also used to live near a Museum of Play, in which one of the exhibits was a history of video gaming exhibit. It was wonderful, and I loved every time I visited. Regency Gaming sounds like a great place too!

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