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Team Secret, a global eSports team, recently signed a 13-year-old on their four-member Fortnite squad. Fortnite isn’t even an eSports game yet, but Team Secret apparently wants to snap up all the best players before Fortnite’s publisher officially gets behind the eSports scene. As a kid, I honestly never thought that being a professional gamer was a thing — I suppose, back then, it wasn’t, since it wasn’t until the late 2000s that eSports saw a surge in popularity.

I give people a lot of credit who are able to play video games for a living. Not just having a successful Twitch channel or YouTube let’s play or review channel, but actually playing the games in front of a live audience and being good at the game pretty much all the time.

It takes skill, quick reflexes, focus… eSports, or gaming in general, may not be pushing your body to its limits like sports where you chase around a ball, but it exercises your mind. Rapid-fire thinking and hand-eye coordination are keys to playing a video game well. With that said, I wonder what kind of game I would be interested in playing if I ever got into the eSports scene…

I would most likely play Pokken Tournament or battle Pokemon competitively in the main games. The Pokemon battles take more strategy while Pokken Tournament is strategy, quick-thinking and reflexes.

Pokemon is always a good choice. I always liked the idea of playing Super Smash Bros. in tournaments, but I cannot remember the last time I picked up that game. It was awesome seeing some of the matches in the competition at EGLX! I’d like to give Overwatch a try too, and World of Warcraft sounds fun as well.

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Watching them play Smash at EGLX was such an eye opener. The players were amazing (duh) and the audience got so into it. We were reacting how our dad reacts to a hockey game. The atmosphere was so cool and fun to be around. I remember watching the Nintendo World Championship last year and I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen.

Seeing the tricks and moves that players can perform, especially with an audience watching, is amazing. It’s a shame that video games have that “waste of time” stigma attached them.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Yeah, but we know the truth. We have fun. That’s all that matters.

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  1. Wow, 13…my teenage self would be so jealous of that little one! I have to agree that for me, competitive Pokemon and Smash Bros are definitely the most compelling e-sports scene for me. I could probably get pretty decent at Pokemon, my main barrier to entry there being the total lack of patience to do stuff like breed perfect Pokemon and EV train. But I think I’ll stick to just watching other people be better at it than me! 😅

    • I always wondered if maybe they could make a “Just the battles” style Pokémon game!! Also Smash Bros games are awesome! I need to play more of those!! 😁

      • A Pokemon game with battling exclusively (similar to N64’s Pokemon Stadium) would be awesome to see in the modern era! Pokemon Showdown online is a decent option but you have to know a lot about how the competitive meta works in order to do well there. I’d have a lot more fun just randomly assembling teams and fighting with my friends locally!

        • Yeah! Good point! Fighting locally is more fun probably. Also I don’t know if pokemon is usually set up for mass pvp. I’ve heard that a lot of the same Pokémon get used too often and im not always the most creative combinations. Which maybe isn’t as fun 🙁

    • I think it would be fantastic to play Pokemon competitively but, like yourself, I wouldn’t have the patience or real understanding of EV training and all that jazz. It’s amazing what other people can do, though, right?

  2. I’m a Smite fan myself. I’d love to be able to get a team together, but I doubt that’s ever going to happen.
    My boyfriend is into DotA 2 so I’ve seen a fair few tournaments and I played with him, his brothers and my brother as a team for a while. I’m really not a good DotA player so unfortunately it never went that well.
    eSports are definitely rising in popularity, but other than Smite and DotA 2 I’m not really that interested. Saying that, I did see a Soul Calibur tournament a few weeks back which was pretty cool!

    • Hey, you never know, with how popular eSports is becoming! I personally haven’t played Smite, but I always take a look at whatever games that are mentioned in the comments that are new to me. 🙂
      eSports probably isn’t something that I’d really sit down and watch, say, the same way my parents watch hockey. Still, it is great to see how it’s rising in popularity and getting some of the same respect as traditional sports.

      • I only really watch the yearly world championships. I’d much rather play the game myself than use my time to watch all the smaller tournaments going on.
        I was amazed to find out that there’s a DotA 2 Major happening in the UK this year and we were dying to get tickets as it’s only a few hours away from us. Unfortunately all the full weekend tickets sold out within the first few hours so we missed out. I didn’t even think DotA 2 was that popular here!

  3. I’ve enjoyed watching Overwatch before! Last year my two friends got a BlizzCon e-ticket and we spent awhile listening to various talks … and of course e-sports. I admit I still get a little weirded out that they are now marketing the e-sports like real sports. There are similarities but I guess I’d just never understood the connection lol 😆 that’s said, it’s exciting to live in a time where people can actually play games competitively and for a living! It’s amazing to see some of the creative tactics that gamers now employ strategically in their matches and how each game has its unique flair. Some are more team based, others as a bit more free for all 🙂 Hopefully one day we can help bring games out of the “waste of time” category and into the “Just another potentially fun and interesting hobbies and careers that people pursue” 😊

    • Overwatch is a game I still want to try — I have it, I just haven’t gotten the chance to try it out, haha! I was always a little weirded out hearing game announcers speak so enthusiastically about teams chasing balls and stuff, and I suppose the video games aren’t much different. It’s nice that they’re getting the same treatment, for the reasons you said, but I’m not connected to the announcers. I’d rather watch and be amazed if I wasn’t playing myself. 🙂

      • Hehe I hear you about that, yeah! Sometimes the announcers get annoying. Just let me watch in peace!! But that’s supposedly half of the fun— listening to them talk.

  4. e-Sports are no joke. I never thought when I was a kid growing up you would see professional video game players. Even colleges are offering e-Sports scholarships now. Video games have a long way.

    • Video games have come a long way, and it’s amazing that they’re getting some of the recognition that they deserve. eSports are a fantastic example of how video games are moving on from being just a hobby or having that stigma that a gamer is a recluse. Video games are comparable to films nowadays, with the cinematography, music, voice acting, action… It’s awesome!

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