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Double Jump Kris MiiI hope everyone is doing well this November! It’s a busy month for our family, with my nephew’s baptism, house parties, church events and, of course, Thanksgiving right around the corner.
Of course, with November comes NaNoWriMo!
Rachel and I participate in every NaNoWriMo session during the year. Camp NaNoWriMo is every April and July, while the official NaNo is in November. The original goal is to write 50k words of a new novel in 30 days, but the camp sessions are definitely more lenient and there are plenty of “rebels” who create their own word counts or do different projects.
Before April was a Camp NaNo, it used to be called Script Frenzy, and the goal was to write 100 pages of a script in the month. The script could be anything, like a play, a movie, a comic… or a video game.
Years ago, I had actually attempted to create a Pokemon fancomic during Script Frenzy, but I started wondering how it would be to create a video game script. Besides dialogue and directions, are all the battle strategies laid out in the script? What about branching choices? Or is it mainly laid out with the story, with perhaps “stage directions” indicating where the story and characters can take the adventure next? Are the visuals and concept art created before, after, or with the script?
Obviously, it takes tons of work, a team, to create a video game, but it just blew my mind when I was mulling on all of this.
Have you ever attempted — perhaps succeeded — in writing a video game script? Would you ever try to write one?

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  1. A Pokemon fancomic sounds fun! I engaged in fan Pokemon writing when I was younger!

  2. When I was a kid I use to imagine being able to write a story for a game the was like Mass Effect and Dragon Age. That was before I actually tried to write, well anything. After writing a (very) short story… Let’s just say I’d be happy with just giving a writer an idea/concept and they go with it.

    • Video games were definitely an influence in me even thinking about writing. The Legend of Zelda fanfiction was my first foray into the world of stories!
      On another note, I need to try Mass Effect….

      • I recommend Mass Effect, especially If you like RPGs and games with good stories. Just be prepared to be disappointed in the ending of ME3. It’s not as bad as people make it, it’s just disappointing (but then again I was already mentally prepared for it). But even in spite of the ending I still recommend.
        It’s going to be interesting with the fourth one being released.

        • I heard that players weren’t too thrilled with the ending. It’s a shame, isn’t it?
          Would it make sense for a newcomer to the series to jump in on ME3, or would you recommend me trying to play the first couple in the series first?

          • Yeah it was, especially since, in my opinion, they were so close to it being at least a decent ending. But I’ve heard the free DLC ending they released made it better.
            I think a person should play from ME1 through to ME2 to ME3. If anything because some of the decisions you make in the previous games carry over and affect the sequel games. You also grow attached to the characters as the games goes on, and the previous games do a good job at world building and getting you invested in the story.
            ME3 is more the conclusion for the whole trilogy. It’s like a movie trilogy. You can watch The Return of the King (Lord of the Rings) or Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, but it’s just not the same unless you’ve seen the first two movies.
            Though… depending on how it’s done ME4 might actually be a good starting point for newcomers. According to what’s been announced, even though it starts between ME2 and ME3 it will have different protagonists in a different galaxy with the majority of the game occur a few hundred years after the ending of ME3. Though since the game hasn’t been released yet I’m mostly just making assumptions.

          • It’s possible that the first ME has had a price drop considering it’s almost ten years old, yes? Hopefully? My wallet would like that, haha!
            Perhaps I’ll hunt around for the first one and see how I like it. First-person shooters usually aren’t my forte, but why not try something new, right? 🙂

          • Haha, it would be troubling if the price hasn’t dropped.
            There was a time they sold the ME trilogy together as a pack, just something to consider when you’re off hunting.
            Also ME is a third-person shooter, not first-person.
            Exactly. Trying something new can be fun! or at least it can be an experience. As for why not… Our wallets…

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