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At some point last year, we thought it was appropriate to do a post about self-care tips that we can learn from the character Link of the Legend of Zelda series. It was a fun post to do, something we thought our readers would appreciate as well as help our mental states with everything that was going on in the world at that time.

Considering we’re still in a pandemic — although fortunately, we do seem to be heading in the right direction during this turbulent time — we wanted to do another post in the same vein. This time, we’re taking some cues from Nintendo’s famous plumber, Mario.


I believe we published one self-care post at some point last year and then we fell off the wagon when it came to blogging. Our creativity took a blow, among other things. Still, pandemic or not, self-care is important. Why not put a little video game spin on it?

I think, if Mario were to give self-care tips, he’d tell us to eat all our vegetables. I don’t like mushrooms, but I hear they’re good for you. Mushrooms help Mario grow, after all. Remember that milk commercial with Mario? I think that was just a sponsored opportunity for the good, ol’ plumber because I’ve never seen him drink milk at all, but it’s still a good tip.


I love how you’re starting off with vegetables, especially how much you do not like green food! Healthy food does a body good, and it’s something that I think we both have been trying to work on within this past year. More fruits and veggies, less sugar.

Another thing that does a body good is exercise. Mario is apparently a well-rounded athlete, playing tons of sports from tennis to golf to soccer to baseball. While you don’t need to be on an organized team, it is good to get out there and get your body moving, both for your physical and mental health. Before places closed down, I was enjoying my time at the gym. My gym has since been opened up again, if only for limited capacity, but I’m still a little paranoid with the virus going around to return to it. In the meantime, I need to start walking again to move around more.


I mean, I’ve been eating bananas a lot lately. That should count for something.

Yes, true. I was just going to say, be sure to get outside and enjoy the sun. Mario is always out and about. Granted, he’s on a mission, but I’m sure he stops to smell the roses once in a while. Of course, you could always get up and play Wii Sports or Ring Fit Adventure on days where the weather isn’t that great. In addition, go out and explore. Mario goes to deserts and lakes and all over. Get in the car once in a while and explore new places.


Speaking of getting in a car, Mario is also an avid racer. Despite how messy go-karting can get, I think it’s great that he is able to put his differences aside with Bowser and other enemy characters for a day at the races. They’re not best buddies, no, but it goes to show that once in a while you should try to keep the peace between yourself and those you may not get along with too well.

Or, like in some of the Mario RPGs, you may realize a different side of those you may have once deemed an enemy. Perhaps not everyone deserves a second chance, but keeping your mind open can help you not focus on anger and more destructive feelings. At times, the healthiest thing for you may be to cut ties with toxic people to give both your mind and heart a clean slate.


That’s a good idea. And you know what, get out there and try new things. Mario and his friends (and enemies) are always active playing tennis, baseball, golf, as Kris stated earlier. Speaking of, they also go to the olympics with Sonic and his pals. Which is another thing: just because someone is from a different studio than you, doesn’t mean you can’t be friends and hang out together.

Mario is inclusive and leaves his differences with his enemies behind at work. Which is another thing – don’t bring your work home with you. That seems silly to say now since a lot of us are working from home at the moment, but try not to spend your entire day thinking about work. Have a designated spot to work and when you’re done, get up and do something else.


Mario has also shown us over the years to let your creativity flow. Look at the success of the Super Mario Maker titles. Creating levels (and now worlds!) in those games can be cathartic and showing off your work to the world succeeds in creating a community. There are all sorts of different kinds of ways to express yourself artistically — anyone remember Mario Paint? — and it’s an important way for us to grow.

Even if what you do creatively is a hobby for you, it’s important to have that hobby to help you destress from work, have something in common with other like-minded friends, and enrich your spirit.


Wow, you went deep. But you’re not wrong. Everyone has creativity and imagination inside of them and we need to flaunt it to the best of our ability. Mario is great at helping with that. Also, I think Mario would want us to have a good time. Look at all the parties he’s thrown! Not to mention anger management. No matter how bad things get, take a couple of deep breaths. The dice rolls are random… remember that.

Honestly, I think Mario should have his pals sign a waiver based on some of the mini-games he has at those parties, but they all seem to have a good time nonetheless. They’ve been playing together for years and they’re still friends… somehow.


Yes, the dice rolls are random, and sometimes there will be things that you do that won’t be received well. Mario has had some bad games throughout the years, but if nothing else, he proves that with some perseverance, you can still be great. Bad days happen but you’ll still be able to stand back up on your feet. There are going to be times when you’re not your best self, and that’s okay.

But, as Rachel mentioned, Mario’s friends still have his back (despite some questionable and dangerous choices for his “parties”) no matter what. While it’s always good to take time for yourself, remember your loved ones are there to support you in your endeavors.


Mario does a lot more than chasing princesses, apparently. There’s a lot we can learn from him aside from sitting on the couch castle-hopping. Video games in general can teach us a lot.

I have to admit, I didn’t think we’d get this many tips out of Mario and his games, but this was pretty good. Mario can teach us a lot more than puzzle platformers on the big screen. You go, Mario!


What other self-care tips do you think Mario would tell us? Let us know in the comments below. If you liked this post, please share it!

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