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Double Jump Kris MiiAh, it’s Monday again, but this week is the start of the holidays. I hope everyone in the US has some wonderful plans for Thanksgiving! And, hey, if you’re not in the US or don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you have a wonderful week anyway!
So, being a woman, it’s kind of a pain to clothes shop. It’s not one of my favorite activities to do in the first place (I’d much rather be playing video games), mostly because I have horrible luck with finding clothes that fit properly what with being so short. That, and women’s clothes are expensive — manufacturers put so much emphasis on the pricey designs (most of which are absolutely misses with me) rather than fabric quality. More than once I’ve gone over to the men’s section of the store for basic shirts and the better designs, like t-shirts and hoodies with superheroes on them.
Of course, I work for my city, so my wardrobe needs to be a bit more professional than a t-shirt of Batman, so that’s where most of my money goes. However, there’s a site called TeeFury that a good writer friend showed Rachel and me the last time we met up with her, and I would love it if my closet could be filled with shirts and hoodies of those designs!
Rachel and I have been scrolling through the site at all of the Pokemon-themed shirts, mostly because it was due to our friend wearing a Cerulean City Gym shirt that had prompted us to ask about the site. And, c’mon, Sun and Moon just came out, so of course Pokemon are on our minds. We’re being very good waiting for the holiday weekend to open our games, but it’s agonizing, haha!
Other awesome sites that sell amazing video game — and other pop culture — merchandise are The Yetee and The Pixel Empire. Has anyone had any experience with these sites? Their collections are definitely giving Rachel and me decorating ideas for whenever we’re able to get a house!

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