Special Attacks Versus Physical Attacks [Debate]

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When it comes to RPGs, my preferred method of fighting is more on the physical side. My favorite classes tend to be thieves, archers, warriors, characters with fantastic and strong weapons. Magic attacks are fun and all as well, but I always found it more satisfying to vanquish opponents up close with blades.

Those characters are fun and all, but I’ve always preferred the magic-based characters. I love wizards, sorcerers, and mages of any kind. I think elemental attacks are cool and attacking from afar is better than getting up close and personal.

I feel as if attacking from afar sometimes is a cop-out. For instance, when you play as Zelda and I play as Sheik in Smash Bros., it can get annoying quickly when you decide to spam Din’s Fire from across the stage. In most RPGs, as well, magic attacks are limited with magic points. Physical attacks and weapons can be used whenever you want however many times you want.

Fight or flight and I think it’s always better to fly. If you can attack from afar, I say it’s a fair game no matter how “annoying” it may be. You just have to get good at dodging and figure out a counter-attack. I like being farther away because then your sword can’t reach me. Plus, you need to get to me which allows me to immediately counter if you get too close.

Once I do get close enough, a flurry of kicks or punches can keep you immobile enough for me to send you off the stage. In the event we’re not playing Smash Bros., what do you do when your mage’s spells run out of magic points? Swords and daggers, in most games, are always reliable and deal out great damage. Magic attacks tend to have strengths and weaknesses when it comes to them being effective against certain enemies.

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I try my best to keep magic potions and such on hand. Honestly, most games these days make it all too easy to make sure you don’t run out of magic points or so. Depending on the game, physical weapons such as swords and daggers have weaknesses as well. Take Octopath Traveler, for example. Sometimes you can’t use any of your physical weapons and only need your magic.

If we’re using Octopath Traveler as an example, the opposite is true as well. Not only that, the majority of enemies’ weaknesses were regular weapons as opposed to the magical attacks. Physical attacks and weapons tend to be more versatile as well, whereas you can only have so many magical and elemental attacks. There’s only so many fire and wind attacks games can come up with.

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That may be true, but… magic attacks at just cooler. Enough said.

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  1. “If you can attack from afar, I say it’s a fair game no matter how “annoying” it may be. You just have to get good at dodging and figure out a counter-attack.”
    Don’t hate the player, hate the game.
    #teamrachel ftw!

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