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Title: Star Fox 2
Developer: Nintendo, Argonaut Software
Publisher: Nintendo
Nintendo SNES Classic
Multi-directional shooter
Release Date:
September 29, 2017
How we got the game:
We bought the SNES Classic 

This was probably one of the main reasons as to why the SNES Classic was, and still is, so hard to find. Star Fox 2 was never released prior to the SNES Classic, and I’m sure many Nintendo fans were eager to try it out, as were we.

Star Fox was never a series we really got into or tried playing. It’s cool to be trying a game that’s old school but was never released. So, once we got our hands on the SNES Classic, Star Fox and Star Fox 2 were the first two games we played.


Star Fox 2’s gameplay is similar to the original Star Fox in terms of controls. You pilot your Arwing in the levels, either in the air or on the ground, and shoot enemies and obstacles out of your way. The controls were a little wonky at times, especially when your Arwing was on the ground, but I thought they handled better than the original Star Fox.

The world map was cool as well. Instead of choosing a path and playing four or five levels in that path, you moved your Arwing in space to land on planets or intercept enemy missiles.

The levels were mission-based, with some taking place on planets, where you would have to wipe out enemy bases, or in space versus mini-bosses. If you were unable to intercept enemy missiles that were heading towards your home base, then the planet’s defense shield would go down. It the shields reached 0%, it was game over.

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At the beginning, you’re able to choose who you want to play as plus one other character to join you. We chose Fox and Falco, despite having two new characters at our arsenal. We accidentally killed Fox in the first level and ended up playing as Falco the rest of the time with no support. Needless to say, it was fairly easy.


This game’s graphics and music were similar to the original Star Fox. They weren’t too bad, although I feel as if Star Fox 2’s graphics aged better (well, as much as they can age from never having been released before) than Star Fox.

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They might have slightly done something to the graphics for the Classic. Still, the graphics in this game were easier to make out enemies versus buildings and such, unlike the first Star Fox. The music was catchy, but I still feel as though there could have been more variety. Then again, this game is pretty old so who knows who do the music and what they’re doing now.

That’s true, Star Fox 2 could have gotten some touch-ups since this was its first release. The sound effects were still on point, and it was immensely satisfying to hearing the blaster blow up your enemies!

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After his defeat in Star Fox, Andross has come back. He launches an attack on Corneria from a hidden planet where he’s been hiding out. It’s up to Fox and some old and new characters to save Corneria and defeat Andross once again.

The team sends out two pilots — one as the main character and another as a back-up — to defeat Andross and his forces once again. Team Star Wolf are mini-bosses on the map, each character needing to be fought and defeated before inching closer to Andross.


This was a fairly simple, fun game. With the half a dozen different pilots to choose from, with their different stats, and the freedom to complete whichever levels you wanted to first, this game has some decent replay value. The downside is that it’s not that long of a game. You could probably replay the game a few times in one day to explore the different pilot types.

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I’m not sure if I’ll be going back to this game. It was simple and pretty casual though there are other games I would prefer. It was still a good game and I’m glad Nintendo gave us the chance to play it.

Star Fox 2 gets…
Video game review: 3 Lives3 out of 5 lives.

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  1. I am still looking forward to getting an SNES Mini so I can try this game. I like how its setup is quite different from that of the original.

  2. It was great how Nintendo finally released this game to let the world play. Looking back I understand why Nintendo never released it so for it to come on the SNES Classic it for sure was a surprise to everybody.

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