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Double Jump Kris MiiWe’ve been getting so much snow this past week! I hope everyone else who may be getting hammered with snow are staying safe and warm.

On the bright side, snow days are one of the best excuses to play video games!


My birthday was a couple of weeks ago, and I was graciously given a few gift cards for Steam, a platform that delivers tons of PC games right to your desktop. It’s a great place to find new games to try, with plenty from indie developers and a good handful even free to play. With the gaming laptop that we had bought off of a friend a few months ago, we figured it was about time to really get used to Steam.

I used up my gift cards to get three games that I’ve been looking forward to playing for a while now. The first was Batman: The Telltale Series which, lucky me, was half off for the weekend. Yay for video game sales! I haven’t tried out the visual novel just yet, but I’m excited to find a good hour or two to really get invested in the story.

The second was Stardew Valley, finally! The entire game — art, music, mechanics, characters, plot — was created by one person, and it utterly blows my mind. I played up to about a game’s week, and I’m enjoying the simple farming game. It’s reminiscent of the older Harvest Moon games, the ones where all you had to do was take care of and raise a farm, maybe get married if you wanted. The newer Harvest Moon games, while still enjoyable, are more goal-oriented, such as restoring entire towns and islands. Stardew Valley brings me back to the fun, simpler games that originally had gotten me into that franchise.

The third game is Death Road to Canada. It’s a zombie apocalypse survival game where the player controls a car full of people with different quirks and strengths on their journey from Florida in the U.S. to Canada, the last country standing against the zombies. Rachel and I made ourselves and, while we didn’t do too badly on our first run, we did end up dying before reaching Canada. I died first, then Rachel, and eventually the random NPC that we had picked up and a dog character croaked as well. It was entertaining!

Do any of you use Steam? Any favorite or recommended games? Have you played any of the three that I’ve mentioned above?

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  1. I wanna play Stardew Valley. 🙂 As for recommendations, I think you need to try Contradiction.It’s a murder mystery FMV game. Think point and click game but live action. 🙂

    • It’s lots of fun! If you like Harvest Moon, chances are you’ll enjoy Stardew Valley. Murder mystery games sound great! We’ll check it out, thanks!

  2. Death Road to Canada sounds amazing! I may have to pick it up.
    And personally I’m enjoying the X-Com series.

    • Yes, it’s lots of fun! Tell us your character quirks so we can make you in our game and try to survive the zombie apocalypse with you! We’ll have to check out the X-Com series, too. 🙂

  3. Deathr road to Canada does sound cool. I’m sad about this dog character you say croaked though. ;-;

  4. Awesome! I enjoyed the Batman Telltale games and would love to hear what you think. I haven’t played Stardew Valley, but I think I’d enjoy it based on my penchant for Harvest Moon games. Some Steam games that I have enjoyed over the past decade are: Her Story (I think you’d really like this murder mystery game entirely told through detective interviews), Limbo, Braid, VVVVVV, Undertale, Fez, Half Minute Hero, Ittle Dew, Saturday Morning RPG, and Super Meat Boy. There are definitely more games, but those are the ones I remember, haha. Steam is a nice platform. 😉

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