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Rachel Mii Double JumpMost people collect rare games or consoles. Some collect trading cards, plushies, or other merchandise for a certain game or series.
Me? I try to collect the strategy guides.
You know where Kris and I both stand when it comes to walkthroughs and the Internet is great and all, but there’s just something about having the strategy guide by your side.
Sure, it’s harder to bring that around with you instead of just looking up something real quick on your phone, but I enjoy have the visual aid.
I’m a visual learner. I like to explore in video games and if I’m going to be wandering around, I want to know where I’m going.
“But that’s part of the fun!”
Sure… But I don’t want to get lost. Or go to a part of the game that I’m not supposed to.
Have you ever been playing Pokemon and you go over to the next route right away just to see what’s there and then your rival randomly appears, his Pokemon at higher levels than yours? Exactly.
I like seeing the entire map in front of me. It’s not so much that I actually read the walkthrough in the guide, I just like having a visual aid by my side so I can see everything, know where to go, and what to explore.
Does Link not have a map and compass when he goes on his multiple quests? Exactly.
Not to mention the guides often have a lot of cool art, aside from the map designs. Sometimes, depending on what edition and when you buy the guide, a poster or something cool is inside. I like those kinds of things as well.
Needless to say, when a new game comes out, that game and its strategy guide go right up onto my wish list together.
I actually don’t have as much as I think I should have, but I guess that’s not a bad thing. The drawer under my bed is getting pretty full.
Do you use strategy guides? Do you collect them?

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  1. This is an interesting topic considering the internet. When I was younger, I did collect strategy guides. It was rare for me to be completely devoted while I was playing through the story mode. Rather, I would use the helpful maps, secret tips, and strategies to get 100% (back when completing games was possible for me, hah!). Otherwise, I would just read them as if they were magazines. I enjoyed collecting them, and looking at them as a means of “replaying” my memories of the games.
    Currently, I don’t get many guides. It doesn’t help that there aren’t many available anymore., But I do like the current trend of hardcover special edition strategy guides. I enjoy the ones with art and extras, like you mention. Because for me, it was all about just having a readable version of the game, and modern strategy guides fulfill that desire.
    So short answer, yes, I enjoy and get strategy guides when I can,

    • I like looking at it that way. You’re looking at your memories. I do read them like a magazine too when I first get them.
      The hardcover editions are great as well. They’re so pretty, lol.

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