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Title: Super Kirby Clash
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Nintendo Switch
Release Date: 
September 4, 2019
How we got the game:
We downloaded it on the Nintendo Switch

Super Kirby Clash looked cute when it was showcased on one of Nintendo’s latest Directs. As a free-to-play game — with microtransactions, of course — we figured it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try.

Usually, when Nintendo comes out with “free-to-start” games, I’m all over them. Plus, you can’t really go wrong with Kirby.

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Super Kirby Clash is a boss-rush type of game. With a team of four Kirby characters, all as different typical RPG classes, players fight bosses in different stages to earn the world’s money and power fragments to craft new gear to grow strong enough to defeat even stronger bosses.

Even though I saw it in the direct, the game was much different than I thought it would be. You can be a Sword Hero, Hammer Lord, Dr. Healmore, or a Beam Mage. As you can probably guess, the Beam Mage is a sorcerer with magic, Dr. Healmore is like a cleric, and the Sword Hero and Hammer Lord wield a sword and hammer respectfully and can be a tank when it comes to physical damage.

The Kirby classes, if you will, were standard with the cute Kirby twist you would expect from games starring an adorable pink puffball. There are a few stats, like attack and defense, that can be modified with the help of weapons and armor, and the character classes themselves seemed to have different speeds to correspond with all of the other factors. The Hammer Lord, for example, dealt a good deal of damage but was slower to move than the rest of them.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Exactly, they all had their own pros and cons. I’ll admit, I enjoyed playing as the mage so I didn’t try out any of the other classes. The mage can stop time – well, freeze the enemy for some time – after using a certain amount of charge attacks, which was fun to use. There are a handful of areas where you can battle bosses such as Seaside, Dunes, and Volcano, and a few more. Defeating the bosses will give you EXP which will allow you to level up your characters as well as Gem Apples, which is the game’s currency.

It was with the Gem Apples that allowed you to purchase upgrades at the shop. There was a little tree in the main area of the game where a handful of Gem Apples grew after time for some free money — the money could literally grow on a tree, in this game. Of course, you are also able to spend real money to get more Gem Apples, if you’d like. There was also an option to search for fellow Kirby warriors from online, giving your team a small advantage if you find a decently-leveled Kirby to help you out for the next battle. This game can also be played with friends online rather than just local co-op as well.

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While we didn’t get too far in the game, Gem Apples were also rewarded after defeating bosses. If you balance your Gem Apples just right, there should be no need for you to spend money in real life. This game also makes you wait a certain amount of time in between bosses. Similar to a mobile game, there’s a meter that acts like your “stamina,” if you will, and if it runs out, you can’t play anymore until real-time passes and it fills up again. However, it automatically fills up when you level up and the EXP was fairly generous, so our meter never ran out when we played.

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The graphics of the game are typical for a Nintendo Switch. Kirby looks great, even if there was some slight lag with the fights during co-op, and the picture was crisp. There wasn’t anything special or particularly new with the graphics, but it was still pleasing to the eye.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I’ve always loved Kirby games because they’re vivid and colorful. This one was no different.

The music was fun! The tunes were a touch familiar, feeling distinctly Kirby-like, and the high-beat music for the boss fights really kept you pumped for the fight.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
The music was good, yes, though I’ll admit I didn’t pay too much attention to it. I was focused on fighting or talking to Kris while we played.
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The story for this game isn’t very substantial. Supposedly, large enemies are terrorizing the land, and it’s up to the team of Kirbys to vanquish them. With the help of each Kirbys’ unique abilities from their roles, along with updated gear and armor, the team will fight to protect the land.

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That’s pretty much all there is to it. For a co-op boss rush game that’s free to start, there’s not much to expect from a “story.”

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There’s not as much substance for this game, but it was fun to collect the gear, even if there was a cool-down period for fights (unless you spent real money, of course). It’s a game that’s best played with others, as that’s where the fun lies. Considering the game is free, it’s not too bad to return to once in a while.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I can see myself going back to this game once in a while. I think it was an interesting idea and honestly, it’ll be fun to play with the younger members of the family as it’s simple enough.

Super Kirby Clash gets…
Video game review: 3 Lives
3 out of 5 lives.

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