Super Mario 64


Title: Super Mario 64
Company: Nintendo
Console: Nintendo 64
How we got the game: We do have the original N64 cartridge, but we recently played it on the Wii virtual console

Our Review:

Everyone knows this game, right? Super Mario 64? It’s probably one of the most famous Mario games out there, with its hub-world, level portals, and the amazing (in those days) graphics on the Nintendo 64 console. It had come out twenty years ago and is still rightly talked about.

The graphics are amazing, I think. The only thing about it is Mario slips and slides everywhere. It’s annoying, but it makes everything funnier when you watch others play.
I love how there are so many things to do in the game. There are only a few levels, but you can catch seven different stars in each one. The game does eventually end, but it seems as though it’s endless.

When we were younger (like, a lot younger) and played this, there were always our favorite levels that we stuck by like Princess Peach’s slide and Cool, Cool Mountain. We were able to beat Bowser in the end every once in a while, but this time around we decided to personally challenge ourselves to get all 120 stars in the game.

It took us a while. I think we played the game for a couple of weeks. There certainly was some stars that stumped us more than others. For example, Hazy Maze Cave and Rainbow Ride. The funny thing is, we knew where the star was and how to get it, but Mario just slid everywhere and never jumped the right way when we wanted him to. Though I think that’s just us, not him.

It was still nice to blame Mario, though! Then, of course, there were those 100-coin stars. Most 100-coin stars didn’t take too long to get. Then there were others, like Tick Tock Clock and Snowman’s Land, where we were ready to scream at the screen. It was like, “I got 99 problems and they’re all coins!”

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Yeah, some levels are super easy, some are not. Even though I’ve played it plenty of times, and now I can officially say that I’ve completed the game in full, it will still be fun to go back and play it again soon. The graphics, the levels, the story, and even the music are all classic.

Yes, it is an enjoyable game, especially when we’re beginning to get a bit sleep-deprived. I believe the harder levels will become easier in time the more often we play them. The ones on the top floor of the castle — such as Wet-Dry World and Tiny-Huge Island — definitely aren’t ones that I would play on my own, but it will be fun playing the game again.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Tiny-Huge Island is not my favorite, though it is an interesting concept for a level, to go into two different paintings to be big or small. But Koopa the Quick is a pain that one, I have to admit.
Overall, it’s a game that will not be forgotten.

Super Mario 64 gets…

5 lives double jump5/5 Lives

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