Super Mario Maker Review

Title: Super Mario Maker
Company: Nintendo (duh)
Console: Nintendo Wii U
How we got the game: It came bundled with our Wii U.

Our Review:

Like many Nintendo fans who had purchased the Wii U, we got our hands on Super Mario Maker when it came bundled with the console. A completely innovative game in itself, Super Mario Maker allows you to create levels as if they were going in the games. With all sorts of modes, items, and tons of creative freedom to do what you want, it gives gamers a taste of the other side.

It gives gamers a taste of the other side, indeed. Show of hands: Who has created a super-duper-ridiculously-difficult level? How many of you have just thrown the various items onto the level and called it a day?

I think the majority of gamers try to test their limits with how epic their levels can be. I’ve done a couple of levels, but I also like challenging myself with the Event Courses and the 100-Life Mario challenges. Seeing all the creativity that people around the world bring to the game is amazing!

Oh, definitely. I often feel as though I’m not going to be creative enough to create such detailed, in-depth levels. I do my best though and I have a lot of fun doing it. When I actually play the levels, though… I’m not that great at it. The Event Courses can definitely be tricky.

I would love to spend a good chunk of time just trying to perfect my own course. I have one that I’m relatively proud of up on the servers, of course, but to really craft a level that would make Miyamoto proud would be awesome.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I would love to have a few hours to do the same. I have two courses up on the server at the moment, but one is from when I first started. It’s not bad though, I have to say.

No, they were lots of fun to make. It’s definitely a fantastic way to challenge your creativity. If anyone out there has some levels that they want to share, feel free to leave the codes in the comments or tweet them at us!

Rachel Mii Double Jump
If you’re interested in trying out our levels, here are the codes:
Get Out Quick! – F258-0000-0258-554F
Sky High – 0A23-0000-00F7-9300
Castle Crisis – 22D8-0000-00EE-EC65

Super Mario Maker gets…
5 lives double jump5/5 Lives

Readers Comments (2)

  1. I really enjoyed making and playing levels back when it came out! The interface was fun, and I felt extremely creative when making it. I based on my levels on level design found in old Mario games and Donkey Kong Country, so I was very proud of them!
    Then Nintendo deleted my stars… I had over 6000 or so, and it took months to get. They took them away for who knows why, since I still have all my levels intact so they seemed fine. Regardless, I can’t upload anymore because of my lack of stars, so I’m just leaving it as it is… It’s incredibly disappointing. Although I love this game, I think the upload limits and star system were unfair sometimes.
    Please feel free to check out what I had uploaded if you’d like!

    • I heard there were a few issues with Nintendo cleaning up the servers and deleting levels… The first few levels Rachel and I had made were deleted as well, but they were kind of silly practice things, so it didn’t matter too much. Sorry that your stars got deleted! :/
      Thanks for the link, though! We’ll definitely check out what you have the next time we boot up the game!

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